Bernhard Cinader fonds Inventory list

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B1977-0024/002(10) American Institute of Immunologists. Committee for an International Congress. Meeting, Atlantic City, 1969-04-14 File 1968-1969
B1977-0024/002(12) American Institute of Immunologists. Correspondence with Dr. M. Landy re International Congress File 1969
B1977-0024/002(15) International Congress of Immunology (1st : 1971 : Washington).Correspondence with Immunologists behind the Iron Curtain File 1970-1971
B1977-0024/003(15) International Congress of Immunology (1st : 1971 : Washington). Evaluation File 1971-1972
B1977-0024/003(16) International Congress of Immunology (2nd : 1975 : Washington). Correspondence re site File 1970-1971
B1977-0024/004(05) Brazil File 1971
B1977-0024/004(09) People's Republic of China File 1971
B1977-0024/004(13) Deutsche Demokratische Republik File 1970
B1977-0024/004(15) Greece File 1969-1971
B1977-0024/004(16) Hungary File 1969-1972
B1977-0024/004(18) Italy.Societa di Immunopathologica File 1969-1972
B1977-0024/004(20) Mexico File 1969-1970
B1977-0024/004(24) Rumania.Imunological Section of the Union of Medical Societies File 1969-1972
B1977-0042/005(14) Nominating Committee File 1968
B1977-0042/006(04) Symposium:"Regulation of the antibody response", 1970.Correspondence and minutes File 1970
B1979-0063/001(01) Awards and curriculum vitae File 1955-1956
B1979-0063/001(02) Correspondence. Appointment. Proposed chair of medicine, University College, London File 1957
B1979-0063/001(03) Correspondence. Appointment. University of Toronto, Department of Medical Biophysics File 1958
2 Correspondence: author Series 1949-1958
B1979-0063/001(10) Becker, Robert R. - Boyden, Stephen File 1952-1958
B1979-0063/001(12) Bueding, Ernest - Butler, J.A.V. File 1953-1956
B1979-0063/001(18) Peto, Stephen File 1952-1954
B1979-0063/001(20) Pierce, Alan - Ponder, Eric File 1951-1957
B1979-0063/001(21) Pope, C.G. - Poynter, Desmond File 1951-1957
B1979-0063/001(22) Radiometer - Schwick, H.G. File 1950-1958
B1979-0063/002(02) Correspondence File 1953-1958
5 Public lectures Series 1954, n.d.
6 Articles Series 1957-1958, n.d.
B1979-0063/002(14) Benoit, J. et al. "Modifications induites chez les canards Pekin par la DNA; de canard Khaki Campbell injecte apres la naissance", La Presse Medicale, LXV, 72 (9.10.1957), 1623-1624 File 1957
B1979-0063/002(15) Cinader, Bernhard. "Electrophoresis of Proteins in Agar Gels". n.d. Unpublished MSS File n.d.
1 Clark Government Series 1979
B1980-0002/001(03) Canada. Minister of State for Science and Technology. "the Honourable Heward Grafftey Speaks on Research and Development" File 1 Nov. 1979
B1980-0002/001(06) Cinader, Bernhard. "Towards a Canadian Policy for Research and Development" File ca. Sept 1979
B1983-0014 Cinader 1st 1983 accession Accession 1974-1980
B1983-0026 Cinader 2nd 1983 accession Accession [197-]-1982
B1983-0026/001 World Health Organization.International Immunology Training and Research Centre. Advisory Board (continued from box 5) File
B1989-0037 Cinader 1989 accession Accession 1967-1987
1 Correspondence files Series 1967-1987
2 Committee and association files Series 1970-1992
3 International conference and symposiums Series 1986-1989
B1996-0017/002 B1996-0017 box 2. National Cancer Institute File [ca. 1970-1990]
B1996-0017/006 B1996-0017 box 6. Medical Research Council, grant applications File 1979-1983
B1996-0017/008 B1996-0017 box 8. Grant applications File 1980-1985
B1996-0017/009 B1996-0017 box 9. MRC grant; Gerontology File [198-]
B1996-0017/011 B1996-0017 box 11. Gerontology File [ca. 1973-1978]
B2001-0023/004 Awards (oversize) File
B2001-0023/001(07) Biographical (general) File 1987
B2001-0023/001(09) Biographical File n.d.
2 Correspondence Series 1976-1995
B2001-0023/001(10) Misc. Professional Correspondence File 1976-1995
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