Campus development plans Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2011-0003/018(03) Programme for Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto, April 1965' File 1965
B2011-0003/018(04) Report of the Users' Committee on the con-struction of the Erindale Campus File 1966
B2011-0003/018(06) Planning considerations: the St. George campus File 1970
B2011-0003/019(05)-(07) The history of the Natural Resources Centre', 1980-1985 File 1980-1988
B2011-0003/019(11) University of Toronto. 'Report on campus development potential', Appendix A, 22 March 1983 File 1983
B2011-0003/020(08) D. W. Lang. Memoranda re University Area official plan File 1996-1997
B2011-0003/018(02) Planning Office. 'Draft master plan proposal, University of Toronto, May 1965' File 1965
B2011-0003/018(07)-(09) City of Toronto. Planning and Development Department. Proposed Planning Act (Bill 159) and the U of T File 1979-1983
B2011-0003/018(10) Southwest Campus Users Committee. 'SWC Southwest Campus Project : conclusions and recommendations, June 1980 File 1980
B2011-0003/019(08) Marshall/Macklin/Monaghan Fodor Engineering Ltd. 'University of Toronto feasibility study: proposal for professional services', 1981-03-30 File 1981
B2011-0003/020(05) "PVP retreat", 8-9 May 1989 File 1989
B2011-0003/018(01) Report of the Advisory Planning Committee to the Board of Governors, September 12, 1957 File 1957
B2011-0003/019(01)-(04) Focus on natural resources at the University of Toronto' File 1980-1984
B2011-0003/019(09) St. George campus, University of Toronto, feasibility study, Phase 2' File [1982?]
B2011-0003/020(04) A. J. Vermeulen. Estimates for work on U of T residences and libraries, 6 November 1986 File 1986
B2011-0003/020(06) Whitworth, Paul E. J. A feasibility analysis of converting the West Campus of the University of Toronto into a vehicle free zone, April 1991 File 1991
B2011-0003/020(07) The University of Toronto green action report: supplement to the U of T green master plan, September 1991. Draft File 1991
B2011-0003/018(05) Planning Division. Reports #1-21, 26, 27 & 29 (1966-1967); 'Scarborough College : resum File 1966-1967
B2011-0003/019(10) University of Toronto. 'Submission to the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto for a proposed headquarters building', 1982 File 1982
B2011-0003/020(01) Olympic Games planning. Correspondence, memos, etc. File 1987
B2011-0003/020(02) Canadian Olympic Association. 'Toronto's proposal to host the 1996 Olympic Games' File 1986
B2011-0003/020(03) Toronto/Ontario Olympic Council. 'Toronto as host to the 100th anniversary Olympics: a feasibility study', August 1986 File 1986
B2011-0003/020(09) University of Toronto Area, Document 1: background study and official plan, Part II', 1 February 1997 File 1997