Charles Norris Cochrane fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
3 Publications Series 1926-1944
B2003-0011/007 Marxism File
B2003-0011/008 History and Philosophy of History File
B2003-0011/018 Miscellaneous notes File
B2003-0011/019 Notebooks File
B2003-0011/024-025 Annotated books from Cochrane’s Library. File
2 Teaching Series 1922-1941
B2003-0011/012-013 Roman Religion, Law and Institutions File
B2003-0011/014-015 Roman and Greek Antiquity File
B2003-0011/020 Bibliographic Index Cards File
7 Graphic records Series [192-] - [193-]
1 Correspondence Series 1903, 1928-1946
4 Talks, essays and lectures Series [192-] 1945, 1968-[199-]
B2003-0011/008-009 Psychology, and, Mental and Moral Philosophy File
6 Advisory Committee, Defence of Canada Regulations Series ca. 1940-1943
5 Notes Series [192-] - [194-]
B2003-0011/007 Political Science File
B2003-0011/010-011 Christianity and the Philosophy of Religion File
B2003-0011/016-017 Roman History notes by subject File
B2003-0011/017 Bibliographic lists File