Edward Killoran Brown fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1996-0012/001(02) Education File 1926-1943
B1996-0012/001(03) Personal diaries File 1948-1950
B1996-0012/001(04) Memoirs File n.d.
B1996-0012/001(06) Scrapbook: reviews, appointments etc File 1932-1948
B1996-0012/001(07) Scrapbook: appointments, obituary notices etc. File 1948-1951
B1996-0012/001P Photograph (b&w) of portrait of E.K. Brown in graduation robes File ca. 1926
2 Lecture notes Series 1934-1950
3 Lecture notes filed in black file boxes Series 1934-1950, predominant 1936-1939
B1993-0039/003(04) "Robinson Jeffers: the towers beyond tragedy". Typescript File 1939
B1993-0039/003(12) Alexander Lectures. Typescripts (later publishedas "Rhythm in the Novel",1950) File 1949
B1993-0039/003(13) Walter Pater. Correspondence, typescripts regarding plans for publication of selected works. Includes student essays. File 1934-1947
B1993-0039/003(14) Matthew Arnold. Typescript reviews by E.K. Brown of publications about; correspondence clippings etc re Matthew Arnold: study in conflict File 1947-1959
B1993-0038/004(01) Student essays submitted to Prof. Brown - graded File 1948-1949
B1993-0038/004(03) Photoprint (2 copies) of portrait of [Louis Cazamian] File n.d.
B1993-0038/004(06) Edith Wharton. Étude Critique. (Paris: Librarie E. Droz, 1935) File 1935
B1996-0012/001(08) Correspondence - Mrs. E.K. Brown File 1953-1988
B1996-0012/002(02) Framed memorial to E.K. Brown by Newberry Library File [1951]
B1996-0012/003(01) Educational diplomas and certificates File 1916-1935
B1993-0038/001(03) Memoir of childhood File n.d.
B1993-0038/001(04)-(10) Correspondence from colleagues and publishers File 1920-1941 and n.d.
B1993-0038/002(01)-(06) Correspondence from colleagues and publishers File 1942-1951
4 Print material Series 1931-1951
5 Book reviews, presentations, articles Series 1901-1959, n.d.
B1993-0039/003(03) Carlyle - reviews of translation; copy of Carlyle (1913) used by E.K. Brown to prepare translation File 1913, 1932
B1993-0039/003(07) "On neglect of our literature" Reprint from The Civil Service Review. Sept. 1944 File 1944
B1993-0039/003(11) "Now take Ontario" Maclean's Magazine. June 1947. Typescript correspondence, printed copy File 1947
B1993-0039/003(15) Causeries. Correspondence, clippings, regarding reprint of articles from Winnipeg Free Press. File 1951
B1993-0038/004(02) "Thackeryana". Scrapbook of clippings on works by W.P. Thackeray. File 1901-1913
B1993-0038/004(04) Bibliography of publications of E.K. Brown. Typescripts File n.d.
B1993-0038/004(05) "Victory, a portfolio of reproductions of the documents of surrender" Presentation Copy to E.K. Brown. File 1945
B1993-0038/004(07) Studies in the text of Matthew Arnold's prose works. Complimentary Thesis presented to the Faculty of Letters of the University of Paris. By E.K. Brown. (Paris: Impressions. Pierre André, 1935) File 1935
B1972-0002/001(01) Correspondence with publishers File 1939-1945
B1996-0012/001(01) Correspondence File 1935-1951, n.d.
B1996-0012/001(05) Notes File n.d.
B1996-0012/002(01) Duncan Campbell Scott letter File 18 jan 1941
B1996-0012/002(03) A shropshire lad. By A.E. Houseman. Signed by E.K. Brown, 4 June 1927 File 1927
B1996-0012/003(03) Bachelor of Arts Diploma, University of Toronto File 1926
B1993-0038/001(01) Student records File 1922-1926
B1993-0038/002(07) Correspondence from colleagues publishers and researchers regarding E.K. Brown File 1951-1987
B1993-0038/002(08) Correspondence regarding sale of E.M. Forster letters (1934) to E.K. Brown. Includes photocopies of letters File 1977-1978
B1993-0039/003(01) Book reviews, broadcasts - manuscript File 1937-1947
B1993-0039/003(05) "Thomas Wolfe: realist and symbolist 1900-1938". Typescript. File 1941
B1993-0039/003(06) "On Canadian poetry" - correspondence, clippings, reviews. File 1943-1947
B1993-0039/003(08) "Rex - the Canadian Prime Minister"; "Mackenzie King: the great conciliator". Typescripts, correspondence. File 1945
B1993-0039/003(10) Encyclopedia articles. Correspondence, typescripts File 1945-1947
1 Correspondence and biographical Series 1916-1988
B1996-0012/002(04) The poetical works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Signed by E.K. Brown, Sept 20 1920 with loose notes File 1920
B1996-0012/003(02) Scrapbook of newspaper clippings re: publishing of biography of Willa Cather by E.K. Brown and completed by Leon Edel File 1953
B1996-0012/001ART Doctoral cap and awards File [19--]
B1993-0038/001(02) High school and university exams File 1919-1937
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