Emmanuel College (Toronto, Ont.). Continuing Education fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2017.12V-1-2 Recommendation of the Executive regarding Continuing Education File 5 May 2004
2017.12V-1-3 Terms of Reference for a Standing Committee on Continuing Education at Emmanuel College File 2006
2017.12V-1-4 Emmanuel College Continuing Education Mission File 2008
2017.12V-1-5 Emmanuel College Continuing Education Committee Minutes and Agenda File 2006-2012
2 Records related to programming and events Series 2003-2016
2017.12V-1-11 Continuing Education Newsletter File 2010-2015
2017.12V-2-7 Workshop: Fire in the Belly with Paul Wilson File 2008
2017.12V-2-15 Workshops related to Youth and Children's Ministries File 2009
2017.12V-2-18 Workshops: Leading to Lent and Easter / Holy Ground with Anne Simmonds File 2010
2017.12V-2-21 Workshop: Sunday Mondays - Preaching for the Season File 2010
2017.12V-2-22 Conference and workshop: Crucified Woman Reborn: Current Responses File 2010
2017.12V-2-23 Workshop: The Singing Thing: New Horizons with John Bell File 2010
2017.12V-3-4 Course: Ministry of Supervision File 2011
2017.12V-3-13 IAPT Conference File 2013
2015.03V-1-14 Continuing Education File 2009-2011
1 Records of the Emmanuel College Continuing Education Committee Series 2003-2012
2017.12V-1-1 Report to the Emmanuel College Council from the Task Group on Continuing Education File 12 November 2003
2017.12V-1-12 Mission of Continuing Education at Emmanuel College File 2005
2017.12V-1-9 Con Ed Course listings and brochures File 2006-2014
2017.12V-1-10 Partnership agreements between Five Oaks and Emmanuel College Continuing Education File 2015-2016
2017.12V-2-1 Event: Worship Now - Practising in the Presence of God with Brian Wren File 2004
2017.12V-2-6 Course : Ministry of Supervision File 2007-2009
2017.12V-2-8 Workshop: Mustard Seed with Ingrid Remkins File 2008
2017.12V-2-13 Intensive 20 hr course: EMPT 3604 - Becoming Intercultural Communities File 2009
2017.12V-2-16 Various lectures File 2009-2010
2017.12V-2-17 Various worksops File 2009-2010
2017.12V-3-1 Workshops with Dr. Gerald Hobbs and Dr. Lynne McNaughton File 2011
2017.12V-3-2 Various workshops and events File 2011
2017.12V-3-5 Conference: Worship Matters File 2011
2017.12V-3-6 Event: Religion and Public Policy: An Ecumenial Conversation in Celebration of Lois Wilson's 85th Birthday File 2012
2017.12V-3-7 Conference: More than Franchises - A Fresh Brew, Vital Ministry in the Canadian Context File 2012
2017.12V-3-9 Various Workshops and Events File 2012
2017.12V-3-10 Workshop: Conflict Resolution and Church Leadership File 2013
2017.12V-3-14 Various lectures and events File 2013-2014
2017.12V-3-18 Various workshops File 2013
2017.12V-3-23 Away Days at Emmanuel College - events File 2006-2008
2017.11V-1-7 "Emerging Identities: How our past is shaping our future" by Betsy Anderson File 2010
2017.12V-2-2 Conference : Born in Song - Charles Wesley at 300 File 2006
2017.12V-2-3 20 hr Course: Foundations of Spiritual Companionship File 2006-2007
2017.12V-2-14 Workshop: Discerment and Decision Making with Ross Bartlett File 2009
2017.12V-2-19 Workshop: Preaching that really matters File 2010
2017.12V-2-24 Westminster Foundation grant - Continuing education File 2008-2010
2017.12V-3-3 Course: An Active Faith File 2011-2013
2017.12V-3-8 Workshop: Conflict Resolution and Church Leadership with Lyn Adamson File 2012
2017.12V-3-11 Course: Ministry of Supervision File 2013
2017.12V-3-12 Teaching for Ministry Symposia Series File 2013
2017.12V-3-20 Various workshops File 2015
2017.12V-3-21 Muslim studies program File 2009-2013
2017.12V-3-22 Muslim Studies Advisory Committee File 2009-2014
3 Records of the Continuing Education Coordinator Series 2010-2016
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