Energy and nuclear issues Inventory list

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B2015-0005/056(05) Nuclear power: misc. documents and correspondence File 1975-1996
B2015-0005/056(07) Nuclear in the news File 1977-1996
B2015-0005/057(05) “Environmental aspects of nuclear power development in Canada” Canadian Environmental Advisory Council Occasional paper no. 2 File Jan 1977
B2015-0005/057(07) Energy, mines and resources: minutes of proceedings and evidence of the Standing Committee File June 1988
B2015-0005/057(14) The Voisey File 26 Sept 1996
B2015-0005/058(02) Correspondence re: MOX meetings File 1996
B2015-0005/058(04) MOX/plutonium background info: MOX in the news File 1996
B2015-0005/059(01) The Atomic Atlas of Canada: overview and map File 1998
B2015-0005/059(03) Government of Canada response to recommendations of the nuclear fuel waste management and disposal concept environmental assessment panel File Dec 1998
B2015-0005/059(06) Ontario Hydro: sale of tritium File 1989
B2015-0005/056(04) Wind energy File 1976-1979
B2015-0005/056(08) Nuclear Liability Act challenge File 1987
B2015-0005/057(01) Nuclear awareness and phase out File 1990-1999
B2015-0005/057(03) Nuclear waste: hearings, correspondence, press File 1990-1996
B2015-0005/057(10) Trilateral project File 1993
B2015-0005/057(12) VOW presentation to panel on nuclear waste management hearings File 1996
B2015-0005/058(05) MOX correspondence with politicians File 1996-1999
B2015-0005/058(07) MOX: The CANDU MOX initiative: report on a stakeholders File June 1997
B2015-0005/058(09) Plutonium fuel backgrounder/Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout File n.d.
B2015-0005/058(10) AECL: An international comparison of disposal concepts and postclosure assessments for nuclear fuel waste disposal File 1996
B2015-0005/058(12) AECL: The disposal of Canada File 1996
B2015-0005/058(14) VOW Review of nuclear fuel waste disposal File 11 Dec 1996
B1996-0004/026(10) Atomic Energy Control Board and background and petition File 1985
B1996-0004/040(21) Voice of Women and Hydro inquiry File 1990-1992
B2015-0005/055(02) Environment: misc. publications and letters File 1988-1994
B2015-0005/055(04) Subject file: energy research, planning File
B2015-0005/055(07) National Advisory Committee on Conservation and Renewable Energy File 1978
B2015-0005/056(02) Energy futures: proceedings of a seminar presented to the Science Council of Canada File Nov 1983
B2015-0005/055(05) Energy scenarios for the future File July 1976
B1996-0004/040(19) Nuclear energy: resources File 1990
B2015-0005/056(06) Letter re: Toronto Star article re: Pickering Power Plant File 1971
B2015-0005/057(04) A nuclear dialogue: proceedings of a workshop on issues in nuclear power for Canada, 5-7 Mar 1976 File 1976
B2015-0005/057(06) ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies) Report File 27-30 Aug 1985
B2015-0005/057(08) Citizens File 1998-2011
B2015-0005/058(01) MOX plutonium File 1997-1999
B2015-0005/058(03) MOX forum: disposition of Russian and U.S. plutonium in Ontario generating stations, Hockley Valley Resort and Conference Centre File 17-18 Oct 1996
B2015-0005/058(15) Selling CANDU reactors File 1997
B2015-0005/059(02) Electricity competition and clean air / The Ontario Clean Air Alliance File Apr 1998
B2015-0005/059(04) Airborne pollutants and human health: linking the environment, human health and public policy: making sound decisions, A Conference for Parliamentarians File 10-11 May 1999
B2015-0005/056(09) Nuclear awareness and phase out File 1985-1997
B2015-0005/057(02) Nuclear clippings File 2000
B2015-0005/057(09) Photos of the Canadian nuclear industry: exhibit of Robert Del Tredici photos at the National Archives [see B2015-0005/017(09) for event file] File 1991
B2015-0005/057(11) Map: Canadian pollutant releases and transfers, NPRI data File 1996
B2015-0005/057(13) NRCan submission to panel reviewing the Nuclear Fuel Waste Management and Disposal Concept File 1996
B2015-0005/058(06) MOX experience: the disposition of excess Russian and U.S. weapons plutonium in Canada / Franklyn Griffiths File July 1997
B2015-0005/058(08) Critique of the Buyers, Harvey and Slavin report on the CANDU MOX option / Franklyn Griffiths File 28 Mar 2001
B2015-0005/058(11) AECL preprint: The disposal of Canada File 1996
B2015-0005/058(13) AECL: Engineering for a disposal facility using the in-room emplacement method [annotated] File June 1996
B1996-0004/026(09) Atomic Energy Control Board File 1985-1987
B1996-0004/026(11) The Atomic Energy Control Board; Its role and performance in the regulation of nuclear reactor safety File 2 Sept 1987
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