James Herbert White fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1983-0022/007 Correspondence M-V File 1930-1945
B1983-0022/008(02) Personal correspondence re Forest Trees of Ontario File 1926
B1983-0022/009 Personal correspondence File 1910-1913
B1983-0022/012(03)-(07) Trip to Europe – notebook File 1928
B1983-0022/012(09) Trip to Scotland – notebook File 1933
B1983-0022/017 Timber concessions in Ontario Maps #1-6 File [188-]
B1983-0022/P Photographs by J.H. White and A.P. McBean; mainly of forestry activities File 1913/14 & 1930
B1983-0022/003 Correspondence E-Mc File 1920-1929
B1983-0022/005 Correspondence A-G File 1930-1945
B1983-0022/010 Personal correspondence File 1914-1919
B1983-0022/011(06)-(09) Undergraduate student notes of JHW - articles and printed materials File 1920-1950s
B1983-0022/012(01) Regeneration Surveys – Research project (relates to oversize Ontario survey maps [#/014 to /018] File n.d.
B1983-0022/013 Not traced File n.d.
B1983-0022/015 Research project – Forest regeneration survey- 5 maps File n.d.
B1983-0022/001 Unsorted printed maps File Ca 1900
B1983-0022/008(01) Correspondence V-Z File 1930-1945
B1983-0022/008(03)-(09) Field notes File 1908-1909
B1983-0022/012(02) Other research materials File 1930
B1983-0022/012(08) Trip to Scandinavia – notebook File 1932
B1983-0022/012(10) Trip to BC – notebook File 1935
B1983-0022/018 Pulpwood concessions in Ontario – 1 item File Post 1926
B1983-0022/002 Correspondence A-D File 1920-1929
B1983-0022/004 Correspondence M-W File 1920-1929
B1983-0022/006 Correspondence G-M File 1930-1945
B1983-0022/011(01)-(05) Undergraduate student notes of JHW – U of T lectures File 1900-1903
B1983-0022/011(15) Undergraduate student notes of JHW -notebooks from Nova Scotia survey File 1909-1910
B1983-0022/012(11) Trip to northern Ontario – notebook File 1930
B1983-0022/014 Research project – Forest regeneration survey- 6 maps File 1930
B1983-0022/016 Timber concessions in Ontario – unnumbered maps (6) File 1917-1919