John Cunningham McLennan sous-fonds Inventory list

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B1992-0030/010(07) Correspondence (family). Copies of letters dated 18 November, 1827; 28 April, 1828 and 27 March, 1841; letter to Hester from Tom, 17 and 20 January, 1875 File 1827-1875
B1992-0030/010(08) Correspondence. Personal (general) File 1912-1935
B1992-0030/010(09) Correspondence. Letter from wife, Elsie File 1932
B1992-0030/010(11) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence (general, by author) File 1907-1933
B1992-0030/010(14) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. Falconer, Robert Alexander File 1907-1927
B1992-0030/010(15) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence with President Falconer while on war service in Britain File 1917-1919
B1992-0030/010(20) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. Milliken, R. S. [1 letter] File 1928
B1992-0030/010(23) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. Satterly, John File 1912-1928
B1992-0030/011(11) Abraham, H, and E. Bloch. Calibration of wavelengths in absolute values by means of the multivibrator. November, 1917. London: Admiralty, W/T Board, 1918-10-01 File 1918
B1992-0030/011(16) Day, W. H. "Lightning rods: their efficiency, principles and installation on farm buildings", Ontario Dept. of Agriculture Bulletin 220 (March, 1914) File 1914
B1992-0030/012(05) Radium Institute. Radium beam therapy research: a statement of its constitution and work. London, 1934 [McLennan was a member of the Executive Research Committee] File 1934
B1992-0030/012(06) Robertson, J. K. "Continuity and discontinuity in the development of physics", Queen's Quarterly, 191-? File [191-?]
B1992-0030/012(07) Royal Society. Conversazione program, 1923 File 1923
B1992-0030/012(09) Siemens & Halske Aktiengesellschaft. "Beschreibung und Erlauterung zum Compensationsapparat". Berlin, April, 1901 File 1901
B1992-0030/010(01) Biographical file. "John Cunningham McLennan-- Admnistrator-Physicist", Canadian Electrical News, [vol. ?], 36-37 File n.d.
B1992-0030/010(02) Biographical file. Two unsigned introductions of McLennan File n.d.
B1992-0030/010(03) Appointments. Appointment as a member of the Honorary Advisory Council on Industrial and Scientific Research (United Kingdom), 1916 File 1916-1917
B1992-0030/010(10) Correspondence. Personal. Letters of sympathy on the death of his wife File 1933
B1992-0030/010(12) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. Burton, E. F. File 1910-1926
B1992-0030/010(19) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. Merton, Thomas R. [2 letters] File 1923
B1992-0030/010(21) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. Moure, F. A. (Bursar) File 1926-1931
B1992-0030/010(24) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Biographical sketches of Simon James McLean and Ludwik Silberstein File [192-]
B1992-0030/010(25) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Physics Building. Contracts, specifications and covering correspondence File 1906-1908
B1992-0030/010(27) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence re the possible purchase of busts of famous scientists for the Dept. File 1926-1928
3 Addresses and publications Series
B1992-0030/011(02) Syllabus of a course of lectures on general physics. University of Toronto, Dept. of Physics, 190-; Loudon, W. J. Notes on Elementary Mechanics, 1909-1910 File [190-] -1909
B1992-0030/011(03) McLennan, J. C. "On the series lines in the arc spectrum of mercury", Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, 87 (1912), 256-268; "On the constitution of the mercury green line = 5461 A.U., and on the magnetic resolution of its satellites by an echelon grating", Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, 87 (1912), 269-276; "On the mercury green line = 5461 resolved by glass and quartz lummer plates and on its Zeeman constituents", Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, 90 (1914), 245-255. With notes from experiments bound in. [signed copy] File 1912-1914
B1992-0030/011(05) McLennan, J. C. Science and its Application to Marine Problems. Read before the North East Coast Institutions of Engineers and Shipbuilders, 10th July, 1919 File 1919
B1992-0030/011(06) Proceedings of the Special Committee Appointed to Consider the Matter of the Development in Canada of Scientific Research. (Ottawa: King's Printer, 1919). Contains statement by McLennan, pp. 51-61 File 1919
B1992-0030/011(07) McLennan, J. C. "The cryogenic laboratory of the University of Toronto", Nature, 28 July, 1923, 1-7 File 1923
B1992-0030/011(08) McLennan, J. C. and J. H. C. Ireton. "On the structure of the mercury green line = 5460.74 A and of the Balmer lines of hydrogen", Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, Series III, 19 (1925), 77-87 File 1925
B1992-0030/011(17) Du Moncel, Th. Projection des prinipaux phenomenes de l'optique. Paris, 1855 File 1855
B1992-0030/011(19) General rules for operating the heating and ventilating system in the Physics Building, University of Toronto. 19- File [19--]
B1992-0030/011(20) French, C. H. Graphs: or the graphical representation of algebraic functions. London: W. B. Clive, 1908 File 1908
B1992-0030/012(11) University of Toronto. Research at the University of Toronto. 192- File [192-]
B1992-0030/010(04) Course notes. Cambridge University. Syllabus of advanced demonstrations in electricity, 1895, 1897 File 1895, 1897
2 Administrative files--University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics Series
B1992-0030/010(17) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. Adam Hilger Ltd. (instrument makers) File 1910-1926
B1992-0030/010(18) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. Correspondence. International Physics Congress (1927 : Rome). Signatures of participants (35) File 1927
B1992-0030/010(28) University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics. "Memorandum of Radiology" File [192-]
B1992-0030/011(09) McLennan, J. C. "Discussion on superconductivity and other low temperature phenomena", Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, A, Vol. 152, no. 875 (October, 1935), 1-46 File 1935
B1992-0030/011(10) The Phenomenon of Superconductivity, ed. E. F. Burton. Toronto: U of T Press, 1934. Signed, presentation copy to McLennan File 1934
B1992-0030/011(12) Chant, C. A. "The variation of potential along transmitting antenna in wireless telegraphy", American Journal of Science, 17 (Jan., 1904), 1-22 File 1904
B1992-0030/011(13) Clark, Austin H. "What science owes the public", Scientific Monthly, 23 (July, 1926), 50-53 File 1926
B1992-0030/011(14) Compton, Karl T. "Adventures with electricity in a partial vacuum", Scientific Monthly, 37 (January, 1931), 69-72 File 1931
B1992-0030/011(18) Elliott, J. H. Inaugural address of the President, Academy of Medicine, Toronto, October 5th, 1920 File 1920
B1992-0030/012(02) Matriculation Model Answers: Heat, Light and Sound, being London University Matriculation Papers...from June 1907 to June 1911... London: University Tutorial Press, 1911 File 1911
B1992-0030/012(01) Maclean, Magnus and E. W. Marchant. Questions in Electricity and Magnetism. London: Longmans, 1907 File 1907
B1992-0030/012(03) The Michelson echelon diffraction grating. London: Adam Hilger, July, 1901 File 1901
B1992-0030/012(04) Pellin, Ph. Instruments d'optique et de precision. Paris, 1900 File 1900
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