John Davidson Ketchum fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1969-0004/001 Collection of songs, poems and skits of a humorous nature directly related to the faculty and students of the Department of Psychology. Most of the work is by J.D. Ketchum, but some is by students and other members of staff. File 1929-1961
B1974-0072/002 JDK - obituary, tributes; Philip Ketchum file; Ted Ketchum; Frances R.E. Rae -personal. File 1926-1945
B1974-0072/010 JDK - correspondence re trip to Europe, England, Berlin (1913); Letters from "40" [40 Charles St. E) (1922, 1928) Correspondence from Asch, Bodin, Browne, Mabel; Fletcher, Hooke, Kennedy File 1913-1928
B1974-0072/013 Ruhleben diagrams (rolled) File
B1974-0072/024-/027 Books on Ruhleben prison camp (Hard copies) File
B1974-0072/030 Newspaper clippings File
B1974-0072/033 Ruhleben - articles, notes, poems; Camp's committee minutes (1916-1918); articles (Tss) on POW camps of WWI and WWII; Societies, souvenirs, statistics File 1916-1918
B1974-0072/035 JDK - addresses, lectures, notes, poems, plays, MA and PhD theses file File 1926-1961
B1974-0072/037-/038 Photocopies of correspondence of JDK for Mrs Ketchum File
B1974-0072/039 Original and photocopies of correspondence of Hooke, Angel, Darnell, and Green to JDK; Family files including family file and other JDK personal correspondence; photos File 1907-1960s
B1974-0072/003 Ruhleben: diaries and letters of prisoners, viz Liddell, F.E. Fanning, and others letters File 1914-1918
B1974-0072/005 Ruhleben: questionnaires responses re archival or original sources File 1933
B1974-0072/007 Ruhleben prisoners - wooden box File
B1974-0072/008 Ruhleben - correspondence of JDK with mother from prison camp; notebook, clippings File 1914-1917
B1974-0072/014-/017 JDK's Diaries File 1910-1934
B1974-0072/028 Copies of books and pamphlets of other authors File
B1974-0072/031 Addresses of JD Ketchum on various topics of psychology --mss and drafts File 1935-1949
B1974-0072/003P Family photographs File
B1974-0072/001 J. D.Ketchum (JDK) correspondence, biographical information File 1890s-1962
B1974-0072/011 Ruhleben: a prison society. Copy of published book File
B1974-0072/018-/023 Ruhleben - manuscript of chapters; some correspondence File 1961
B1974-0072/029 Photocopies of correspondence and articles on Moss, Margaret Wrong, Bodin, etc; some originals to JDK File 1950-1961
B1974-0072/034 Professional Association files; also War Time Information Board File 1922-1959
B1974-0072/036 JDK - manuscript and copies of publications of articles and papers File 1927-1961
B1974-0072/040 Family papers including correspondence; JDK photos and poems and songs; typescript copies of letters from JDK during war File 1890s- 1918?
B1974-0072/004 Songs, including music sheets File 1903-1962
B1974-0072/006 Ruhleben: photos at prison camp and other materials, clippings, charts File c.1915
B1974-0072/009 Ruhleben - questionnaire responses "L to W"; notes on "after effects" File
B1974-0072/012 Books - hard copy File
B1974-0072/032 Life history analysis, notes, typescripts on adolescents; materials on institutional behavior File 1930s and 1940s
B1974-0072/041 Royal Society of Canada certificate File 1960