Roy William Rankin sous-fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1989-0007/004(02) Correspondence File 1901,1904, 1911-1913
B1989-0007/004(04) Correspondence File 1915
B1989-0007/004(11) Course notes (Faculty of Medicine): IV. (includes notes by W.J. Henry) various courses File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/005(01) Clinical medicine File 1915
B1989-0007/005(03) Gynaecology File 1915-1916; Summer 1916
B1989-0007/005(04) Medical jurisprudence and toxicology File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/005(06) Obstetrics File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/005(08) Pathological history File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/006(03) Psychology File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/006(05) Surgery File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/007(07) Paediatrics File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/007(09) Pathological histology File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/007(11) Surgical pathology File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/004(07) Course notes (Faculty of Arts): I. Examination results File 1911-1912
B1989-0007/004(09) Course notes (Faculty of Medicine): II. Embryology File Spring 1914
B1989-0007/005(09) Pathology File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/005(11) Pharmacology File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/006(01) Physiology, neurology File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/007(03) Medical jurisprudence File Spring 1917
B1989-0007/007(05) Obstetrics File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/007(12)-(13) Toxicology File Spring 1917
B1989-0007/007(15) Medical practice accounts File 1922-1924
B1989-0007/008 Photographs File
B1989-0007/003 Certificates File
B1989-0007/004(03) Correspondence File 1914
B1989-0007/004(05) Correspondence File 1916
B1989-0007/004(12)-(13) Anatomy File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/005(02) Bacteriology File Spring 1916
B1989-0007/005(05) Medicine File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/005(07) Otology File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/006(02) Psychiatry File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/006(04) Special pathology File 1916
B1989-0007/007(01) Course notes (Faculty of Medicine): V. Gynaecology File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/007(08) Pathological chemistry File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/007(10) Psychiatry (includes notes by F. W. Leech) File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/004(01) Notes (autobiographical) File
B1989-0007/004(06) Correspondence File 1917,1919, 1942-1943
B1989-0007/004(08) Course notes (Faculty of Arts): II. File 1912-1913
B1989-0007/004(10) Course notes (Faculty of Medicine): III. Various courses File 1914-1915
B1989-0007/005(10) Paediatrics (with “Feeding Card” devised by Allen Baines and Alan Brown) File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/005(12) Physiology File 1915-1916
B1989-0007/007(02) Hygiene File Spring 1917
B1989-0007/007(04) Medicine File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/007(06) Otology File 1916-1917
B1989-0007/007(14) University of Toronto Medical Society."Daffydil Night advertisement File 1914
B1989-0007/007(16) Military service File 1942-1946