Samson Cree case Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2012-0009/037(09) Data and schedules File 3 May 2001
B2012-0009/037(11) Draft File 2000-2002
B2012-0009/038(02) Final day of King's cross examination and redirect File 14 July 2004
B2012-0009/038(06) Letter re: 1975-79 budgets File 2002-2003
B2012-0009/038(11) Reports of Thomas Wilson File 2000-2004
B2012-0009/037(04) Alberta case File 2000
B2012-0009/037(08) Cross-examination questions for King File 2003
B2012-0009/038(05) King's reports File 2001, 2004
B2012-0009/039(03) Surrebuttal report of Thomas A. Wilson File 25 Oct 2001
B2012-0009/039(04) Terms of reference File 21 Aug 2000
B2012-0009/039(05) Transcript File 2004
B2012-0009/039(06) Trial transcripts File 28-29 Oct 2002
B2012-0009/039(07) Various unfoldered notes and records File [200-]
B2012-0009/037(06) Canada U.S. real rates File 2002
B2012-0009/037(07) Correspondence with Chief Victor Buffalo File 2002
B2012-0009/037(12) Draft cross examination File 2004
B2012-0009/038(01) Expert report of Thomas A. Wilson File 13 Feb 2001
B2012-0009/038(07) Notes on crown documents File n.d.
B2012-0009/038(09) Notice of appeal File 21 Dec 2005
B2012-0009/038(10) PSSA data File 1997-2001
B2012-0009/039(01) The Samson Cree Nation: Treaty No. 6, trust moneys and the Samson Cree Nation Action respecting breach of treaty and trust File 9-10 Dec 2005
B2012-0009/039(02) Short v. long rates File n.d.
B2012-0009/037(05) Announcements and government documents File 1995-1996
B2012-0009/037(10) Direct and cross-examination of King File 2004
B2012-0009/038(03) Government experts File 2000-2001
B2012-0009/038(04) Judgment File 11 Nov 2005
B2012-0009/038(08) Notes on King File 2003
B2012-0009/038(12) Research File 2004