Thesis (undergraduate), Civil Engineering Inventory list

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B1966-0017/001(70)++ Drawing B-10-6-144-d. Stone crushing plant: Screen, No. 5 crusher and Tower “W” plan. Unnumbered File 10 Oct 1918
B1966-0017/001(74)++ Drawing B-10—6-150-d. Suspended conveyors, Tower “X”. Unnumbered File 7 Jan 1919
B1966-0017/001(04)+ Drawing B-1-1-1-e. Map showing properties adjacent to proposed location of intake, canal, power station. No. 2 File 6 Jan 1917
B1966-0017/001(08)+ Drawing B-10-4-120-c. General arrangement of cable reel for No. 103-c electric shovel. No. 6 File 17 Dec 1917
B1966-0017/001(09)+ Drawing B-10-4-119-c. Cable drum for electric shovel. No. 103-c. No. 7 File 12 Dec 1917
B1966-0017/001(10) Drawing B-10-4-117-a. Cable drum for electric shovel. No. 103-c. No. 8 File 26 Nov 1917
B1966-0017/001(11)+ Drawing B-10-4-112-c. Cable drum to feed electric shovel. No. 9 File 16 Oct 1917
B1966-0017/001(13) Drawing B-10-4-114-a. Detail of trolley for cable drum. No. 11 File 22 Oct 1917
B1966-0017/001(15)+ Drawing B-10-5-103-c. Diagram of piping for compressed air. No. 13 File 15 Feb 1917
B1966-0017/001(18)++ Drawing B-10-1-106. General layout of construction railway. No. 16 File 27 July 1918
B1966-0017/001(26) Drawing B-10-1-96-a. Bridge tell-tale. No. 24 File 28 May 1918
B1966-0017/001(35) Drawing B-10-9-145-a. General dimensions of temporary buildings. No. 33 File 22 Jan 1917
B1966-0017/001(44)+ Drawing B-10-9-103-c. General Office: first and second floor plans, and elevation. No. 42 File 13 Apr 1917
B1966-0017/001(47)+ Drawing B-10-9-119-c. Camp building: first and second floor plans. Capacity, 52 rooms. No. 45 File 5 Sept 1917
B1966-0017/001(48)+ Drawing B-10-9-120-c. Camp building: front and end elevations; sections A-A and B-B. No. 46 File 5 Sept 1917
B1966-0017/001(49)+ Drawing B-10-9-121-b. Camp building: plan of lavatory fixtures. No. 47 File 7 Sept 1917
B1966-0017/001(51)+ Drawing B-10-9-129-b. Bunkhouse: floor plans, elevations. No. 49 File 12 Oct 1917
B1966-0017/001(53)+ Drawing B-10-9-160-c. Camp building No. 98: foundation plan; front and end elevations; section A-A. No. 51 File 14 Sept 1918
B1966-0017/001(64) Drawing B-10-10-150-a. Brass plates for standard benchmarks, base line and boundary line monuments. No. 62 File 12 Sept 1917
B1966-0017/001(67)++ Drawing B-10-6-136-d. Suspended stone conveyors, Towers “Y” & “Z”: elevations. Unnumbered File 23 Aug 1918
B1966-0017/001(73)++ Drawing B-10-6-147-d. Stone storage: proposed layout of 1” stone reclaiming conveyors. Unnumbered File 30 Oct 1918
B1966-0017/001(76)+ Drawing B-10-6-152-c. Suspended conveyors: anchors for legs of Tower “X”. Unnumbered File 8 Jan 1919
B1966-0017/001(01) Snaith, William. “The Construction Plant, Equipment, and Structures of the Niagara Power Development Scheme of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario”. Volume I File January, 1920
B1966-0017/001(07)+ Drawing B-10-2-149-d. General Drawing. Bucyrus electric revolving shovel, No 225-B. No. 5 File 23 Apr 1919
B1966-0017/001(16)+ Drawing B-10-5-117-b. Air reheater. No. 14 File 25 Jan 1919
B1966-0017/001(19) Drawing B-10-1-81-a. Sketch showing alternative railways to powerhouse. No. 17 File 11 Jan 1918
B1966-0017/001(28)+ Drawing B-10-1-84-c. Elevations of semaphore. No. 26 File 2 Feb 1918
B1966-0017/001(29)+ Drawing B-10-1-85-c. Details of semaphore. No. 27 File 2 Feb 1918
B1966-0017/001(30)+ Drawing B-10-1-83-c. Train order signal. No. 28 File 25 Jan 1918
B1966-0017/001(31)+ Drawing B-10-10-182-c. Portable trolley wire support. No 29 File 7 Feb 1918
B1966-0017/001(40)+ Drawing B-10-7-109-c. Heating systems for machine shop. No. 38 File 21 Sept 1917
B1966-0017/001(42)+ Drawing B-10-9-111-c. General Storehouse: sections and details. No 40 File 17 May 1917
B1966-0017/001(43)+ Drawing B-10-9-110-c. General Storehouse. No 41. File 5 May 1917
B1966-0017/001(57)+ Drawing B-10-9-166-c. Camp building No. 100 &101; foundation plan; front and end elevations; sections A-A and B-B. No. 55 sheet 2 of 2 sheets File 30 Oct 1918
B1966-0017/001(60)+ Drawing B-10-9-170-c. Boarding camp at Chippawa, Building No. 103: elevations and section; bill of materials for fire escape. No. 58. File 18 Nov 1918
B1966-0017/001(62) Drawing B-10-10-157-a. Garbage incinerator. No. 60 File 5 Oct 1917
B1966-0017/001(66)+ Drawing B-10-6-135-c. Towers and suspended conveyors: details of anchors for towers “Y” & “Z”. Unnumbered File 20 Aug 1918
B1966-0017/001(69)+ Drawing B-10-6-138-b. Suspended conveyors, Tower “Y”: Bracing at foot of tower. Unnumbered File 10 Sept 1918
B1966-0017/001(71)++ Drawing B-10-6-145-d. Stone crushing plant: Screen, No. 5 crusher and Tower “W” plan – elevation and section. Unnumbered File 5 Oct 1918
B1966-0017/001(72)++ Drawing B-10-6-146-d. Stone crushing plant: Screen, No. 5 crusher and Tower “W” elevations. Unnumbered File 1 Oct 1918
B1966-0017/001(02) Snaith, William.“The Construction Plant, Equipment, and Structures of the Niagara Power Development Scheme of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario”. Volume II. List of Drawings (blue and white prints) File [1920?]
B1966-0017/001(17)+ Drawing B-10-10-122-c. Detail of scale box with plate bottom. No. 15 File 9 July 1917
B1966-0017/001(20)+ Drawing B-10-1-32. Bill of track material for construction railway. No. 18 File 1 Mar 1917
B1966-0017/001(21)++ Drawing C-10-1-104. Standard signs for construction of railway. No. 19 File 17 July 1915
B1966-0017/001(22)++ Drawing B-10-1-93. Construction of railway: standard switch layout for No. 8 rigid frog & 15 ft. switching points. No. 20 File 19 Apr 1918
B1966-0017/001(23)+ Drawing B-10-1-121-c. Railway crossing gate. No. 21 File 28 Feb 1919
B1966-0017/001(27)+ Drawing B-10-10-243-c. Double bridge warning for construction of railway. No. 25 File 27 July 1918
B1966-0017/001(32)++ Drawing B-10-6-111-e. Layout of crushing, conveyor and concrete mixing plant at powerhouse. No. 30 File 6 Oct 1917
B1966-0017/001(34)++ Drawing B-4-1-161-d. Railway trestle at Bowman’s Gully. No. 32 2 copies File 25 Nov 1918
B1966-0017/001(38)+ Drawing B-10-7-107-c. Details of truss for machine shop. No. 36 File 3 July 1917
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