Jane Millgate fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1981-0033/001(02) Faculty of Arts and Science. Office of the Dean. "Implementation of the 'Macpherson Report' and its implications: a progress report" 2 copies File 13 Nov 1968
B1981-0033/001(05) Brief to the Allen Committee, Faculty of Arts and Science, on behalf of the Part-Time Degree Students, Division of Extension, University of Toronto File n.d.
B1981-0033/001(16) Meetings. Minutes #1-15, 17 File 28 Mar - 19 Sept 1978
B1981-0033/001(20) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Faculty of Arts and Science File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(33) Correspondence and submissions File Apr, Oct-Dec 1978
B1981-0033/002(03) Final report File 4 Apr 1979
B1981-0033/001(03) Report 2 copies File 23 July 1968
B1981-0033/001(18) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(19) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Departments of East Asian Studies, History, Italian Studies, Middle East and Islamic Studies, Philosophy, Political Economy, and Zoology File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(24) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Scarborough College File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(26) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Trinity College File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(27) Briefs (pre-October 1978). University College File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(28) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Victoria College File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(29) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Woodsworth College File [1978]
B1981-0033/002(01) Correspondence and submissions File Feb-Mar 1979
B1981-0033/002(02) Material on curriculum studies in American universities File 1971-1978
B1981-0033/002(04) Final report. U of T Bulletin File 24 Apr 1979
B1981-0033/002(05) Minutes of meetings and recommendations regarding the Kelly Report File Sept 1979
B1981-0033/002(06) Minutes of meetings regarding amendments to the Kelly Report File Nov-Dec 1979
B1981-0033/001(01) Report File 1967
B1981-0033/001(04) Revised report of the Sub-Committee of Undergraduate Studies concerning proposed new programmes for 1969-1970. 2 copies File 26 Oct 1969
B1981-0033/001(09) New programme, 1970-71, proposals for standing, 2 copies File 30 Jan 1970
B1981-0033/001(10) "A short history of the development of the new programme" 2 copies File 1972
B1981-0033/001(11) Report File Mar 1973
B1981-0033/001(14) Faculty of Arts and Science. Report of the Committee to Implement the Berlyne Report, 19 Sept 1973 and Supplementary Report 5 Dec 1973 File 1973
4 Faculty of Arts and Science. Committee to Review the Undergraduate Programme, J.M. Kelly, Chairman Series 1971-1979 [predominant 1978-1979]
B1981-0033/001(15) Invitations to participate, membership list, memoranda File 1978
B1981-0033/001(25) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Students' Administrative Council File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(30) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Woodsworth College Students' Association File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(32) Interim Report. TSS annotated File 1 Nov 1978
B1981-0033/001(34) Correspondence and submissions File Jan 1979
1 Presidential Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Instruction in the Faculty of Arts and Science, C.B. Macpherson, Chairman Series 1967-1968
2 Faculty of Arts and Science. Sub-Committee of Undergraduate Studies on the Implementation of the Macpherson Report, A.d. Allen, Chairman Series 1968-1972
B1981-0033/001(06) Dean's Advisory Committee on the New Programme. 4th meeting. MInutes, correspondence File 9 Dec 1969
B1981-0033/001(07) New Programme Review Committee. Staff Questionnaire; questionnaire (final results) File n.d.
B1981-0033/001(08) New programme, 1969-70, proposals for standing. 2 copies File 26 Feb 1969
3 Presidential Advisory Committee to Review the New Programme in the Faculty of Arts and Science, D.E. Berlyne, Chairman Series 1973, n.d.
B1981-0033/001(12) Faculty of Arts and Science. Recommentations of the Presidential Advisory Committee...including amendments made at a meeting of the General Committee on May 15 and May 16 1973 File 1973
B1981-0033/001(13) Faculty of Arts and Science. Recommendations of the Berlyne Implementation Committee File n.d.
B1981-0033/001(17) Summary of submissions File 11 Sept 1978
B1981-0033/001(21) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Individuals File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(22) Briefs (pre-October 1978). Innis College File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(23) Briefs (pre-October 1978). New College File [1978]
B1981-0033/001(31) Interim Report. U of T bulletin. 2 copies File 23 Oct 1978