Daniel W. Lang fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Personal and biographical Series 1975-2010
B2011-0003/001(02) Nominations for honours File 2006
B2018-0001/001(01) Simcoe Hall Humour File [198-]
B2011-0003/004(01) Correspondence with Presidents Connell and Robert Pritchard File 1990
B2011-0003/006 Dan Lang's e-mail correspondence File 1997
B2011-0003/007(05) Dan Lang's e-mail correspondence File 2000
B2011-0003/007(08) Dan Lang's Simcoe Hall correspondence File 1997-2007
B2011-0003/011(11)-(15) Admission surveys, 1978-1982, 1984, 1987, File 1978-1988
B2011-0003/012(11) University applicant survey : final report, submitted to University of Toronto, July 1998 File 1998
B2011-0003/013(02) Registrars Group. Correspondence, memos File 1993
B2011-0003/013(13)-(20) Registrars Group. Meetings File 1994
B2011-0003/014(01)-(03) Registrars Group. Meetings, May - September File 1995
B2011-0003/015(08) Greater Toronto Area enrolment needs study File 2007
B2011-0003/016(03) MCTU research policy symposium on funding formula issues and reforms in post-secondary education, February 27, 2007 File 2007
B2011-0003/017(01) Council of Ontario Universities. Task force on student financial assistance File 2006-2007
B2011-0003/017(04)-(06) Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario File 2000-2006
B2011-0003/017(08)-(09) Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario File 2005-2006
B2018-0001/002(02)-(03) Senior Policy Advisor notes File 2009-2012
B2018-0001-BD-S02-01 Graduate expansion [digital files] File 2001-2012
B2011-0003/019(10) University of Toronto. 'Submission to the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto for a proposed headquarters building', 1982 File 1982
B2011-0003/020(01) Olympic Games planning. Correspondence, memos, etc. File 1987
B2011-0003/020(04) A. J. Vermeulen. Estimates for work on U of T residences and libraries, 6 November 1986 File 1986
B2011-0003/020(07) The University of Toronto green action report: supplement to the U of T green master plan, September 1991. Draft File 1991
B2011-0003/021(04) University of Toronto/Seneca College proposal for an Innovation Centre File 1985
B2011-0003/021(07) Scarborough Technology Transfer Station File 1994-1995
B2011-0003/022(02)-(03) D. W. Lang's activity reports File 1997-1999
B2011-0003/022(12)-(14) D. W. Lang's activity reports File 2005-2010
B2011-0003/023(01)-(02) Provost's OISE Committee. Submissions, briefs and anecdotes File 1979-1980
B2011-0003/023(06)-(08) OISE/FEUT. Correspondence - financial implications of integration File 1979-1984
B2011-0003/024(05)-(06) OISE/FEUT. Joint Council on Education File 1983-1985
B2011-0003/028(02) OISE/UT. By-laws and constitution File 1995
B2011-0003/028(08) OISE Transitional Fund File 1995-1996
B2011-0003/029(03) Integration File 1998-2005
B2011-0003/026(04)-(08) Merger negotiations. Dan Lang's personal work binder File 1993-1994
B2011-0003/027(04)-(06) Negotiations with OISE File 1994
B2011-0003/027(09) Program Priorities Working Group File 1995
B2011-0003/029(04) Background reports File 1990-1994
B2011-0003/030(09) Correspondence, legal documents (plan removed to B2011-0003/032) File 1994
B2011-0003/033(01) Correspondence, notes, memoranda, reports File 1995-1997
B2011-0003/033(05) Meeting, 25 November 2003 File 2003
B2011-0003/033(09) Correspondence, memoranda, notes, revised brief of 18 August 2004 File 2004-2005
B2011-0003/034(01) Course INX199Y: The university and society. File 1998-1999
B2011-0003/034(10) Course MGTC56 : Education finance and economics File n.d.
B2011-0003/035(11) OISE/UT. Course TPS 1809: Administration of colleges and universities, Summer 2000 File 2000
B2011-0003/036(04)-(05) OISE/UT. Course TPS 1811CMC: Institutional research and planning File 1998-2002
B2011-0003/036(07) Central Michigan University. College of Extended Learning. Course EAD 778: Contemporary issues in higher education, 2001-2002 File 1998-2002
B2011-0003/036(08)-(09) Lists of teams; decals File 1995-2009
B2011-0003/036(14) Collegiate Baseball Classic, Columbus, Ohio File 1998-1999
B2011-0003/037(01)-(03) Budget; equipment; fundraising File 1997-2001
B2011-0003/037(07) Varsity Blues baseball team File 2009-2010
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