Edward Blake fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1972-0013/001(03) Correspondence File Jan 1891
B1972-0013/001(08) Correspondence File March 1892
B1972-0013/001(09) Correspondence File April 1892
B1972-0013/001(12) Correspondence File July - Aug 1892
B1972-0013/001(13) Correspondence File Sept 1892
B1972-0013/002(04) Correspondence File 1896
2 Notes and memoranda Series 1868-1893
B1972-0013/002(13) Buildings and grounds File 1887, 1890-1892
B1972-0013/003(04) School of Mines and Mechanics File 1872
B1972-0013/003(09) Pass course File 1891
3 Committee on Revenues and Requirements Series 1891
B1972-0013/003(13) Draft report: introduction File 1891
B1972-0013/003(18) Draft report: Part 5 File
1 Correspondence Series 1856-1908
B1972-0013/001(01) Correspondence File 1856-1889
B1972-0013/001(04) Correspondence File Feb - June 1891
B1972-0013/001(05) Correspondence File July - Oct 1891
B1972-0013/001(06) Correspondence File Nov - Dec 1891
B1972-0013/001(10) Correspondence File May 1892
B1972-0013/002(12) Upper Canada College File 1891
B1972-0013/002(15) Officers, Faculty and Staff: representation File 1890-1891
B1972-0013/003(02) Faculty of Medicine File 1888-1892
B1972-0013/003(06) Legal studies File n.d.
B1972-0013/003(12) Committee on Revenue and Requirements: General File 1891
B1972-0013/003(14) Draft report: Part 1 File
B1972-0013/003(15) Draft report: Part 2 File
B1972-0013/003(16) Draft report: Part 3 File
B1972-0013/003(17) Draft report: Part 4 File
B1972-0013/001(02) Correspondence File 1890
B1972-0013/002(01) Correspondence File Oct-Dec 1892
B1972-0013/002(03) Correspondence File 1894-1895
B1972-0013/002(05) Correspondence File 1897
B1972-0013/002(06) Correspondence File 1898-1899
B1972-0013/002(19) Students and alumni File 1892
B1972-0013/003(08) Matriculation scholarships File 1891
B1972-0013/003(11) Law notes File n.d.
B1972-0013/001(07) Correspondence File January - February 1892
B1972-0013/001(11) Correspondence File June 1892
B1972-0013/002(02) Correspondence File 1893
B1972-0013/002(07) Correspondence File 1900-1908
B1972-0013/002(08) General File n.d.
B1972-0013/002(09) Acts, Statutes, Orders-in-Council File 1880-1893
B1972-0013/002(10) University finances: general File 1878, 1890-1892
B1972-0013/002(11) University finances: provincial grants File n.d.
B1972-0013/002(14) Officers, Faculty and Staff: general File 1880, 1892-1893
B1972-0013/002(16) Officers, Faculty and Staff: retirement fund File 1891
B1972-0013/002(17) Officers, Faculty and Staff: salaries File 1890-1891
B1972-0013/002(18) Officers, Faculty and Staff: testimonials File 1875
B1972-0013/003(01) Fees File 1892
B1972-0013/003(03) Denominational Schools File 1868
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