Ezra Schabas fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2 Office of the Principal Series 1979-1983
3 Professional correspondence Series 1964-1993
4 Professional associations Series 1966-1994
1 Reel to reel tapes File ca. 1949-1989
B1996-0013/001S(02) Interview with Schabas about the National Youth Orchestra? or the Faculty of Music new degree Item ca. 1964
B2008-0031/001(01) Association of Canadian Orchestras File 1993
B2008-0031/001(03) Association of Canadian Orchestras File 1995-1997
B2008-0031/001(09) American Music File 1991
B2008-0031/001(10) Amici File 1996-2000
B2008-0031/001(13) Austria File 2001
B2008-0031/003(05) Canada Council File 2000-2003
B2008-0031/003(08) Canadian Heritage- Assessments - General File 2000
B2008-0031/003(15) Canadian Music Council - Montreal File 1973
B2008-0031/004(03) CBC File 1995
B2008-0031/004(08) Citizenship and Immigration File 2006-2007
B2008-0031/004(17) Correspondence - Miscellaneous File 2003-2006
B2008-0031/005(02) Creech, Robert File 1994-1998
B2008-0031/005(04) Crete File 1995
B2008-0031/005(06) Dethroning the Conductor File 1984
B2008-0031/006(04) Faculty of Music File 2001-2003
B2008-0031/006(06) Forrester, Maureen File n.d.
B2008-0031/006(07) Friedland, Martin File 2000-2001
B2008-0031/007(13) Koch, Eric File n.d.
B2008-0031/007(14) Lemons, William File 1994
B2008-0031/007(17) MacMillan Archive at Faculty of Music Library File n.d.
B2008-0031/007(19) MacMillan String Quartet File
B2008-0031/007(22) MacMillan, Sir Ernest - Readers File 1995
B2008-0031/008(06) Metro – Cultural Division File 1994-1995
B2008-0031/008(12) Musical Performance and Communication Program – Report File 1990
B2008-0031/008(18) Musical Learning - Essay File 1967
B2008-0031/009(02) National Youth Orchestra File 1961-1964
B2008-0031/009(09) Ontario Choral Federation File 1993-1997
B2008-0031/009(12) Orchestra Panel File 2000
B2008-0031/009(15) Orchestras miscellaneous File 1994-1995
B2008-0031/009(16) Order of Canada File 2000-2001
B2008-0031/010(01) Ramblers File 1987-1991
B2008-0031/010(05) Saunders, Val File 1994
B2008-0031/010(16) Tinsley, James File 1991
B2008-0031/010(22) U of T Alumni – talk File 1986-1987
B2008-0031/010(24) University of Waterloo File 1998
B2008-0031/010(28) Wilson, Sandra File 1999-2000
6 Studies and reports Series 1975-1991
7 Talks and publications Series 1967-1993
9 Sound recordings Series 1949-1989
B1996-0013/001S(04) Question and Answer session after one of Schabas' talks on "The Symphony Orchestra: past, present and future" Item 1970
B1996-0013/001S(06) Jazz concert, University of Massachusettes. Schabas playing Alto Saxaphone and conducting. Part 1. Item ca. 1949-1950
B1996-0013/001S(08) Various CBC interviews with Schabas, including: side A French radio about the Royal Conservatory. side B with Betty Kennedy re. Royal Conservatory with Betty Kennedy re. Blume Report. Also Arts Report on the International Clarinet Congress, interviewing participants Stanley Drucker, Ed Daniels and Jack Brymer (beginning side A) Item 1978
B1996-0013/001S(13) CBC, Arts Tonight, review of Schabas' book Theodore Thomas: America's conductor and builder of orchestras, 1835-1905 by William Ripler Item 24 Oct 1989
B2008-0031/001(04) Association of Canadian Orchestras File 1996
B2008-0031/001(08) Alliance Francaise File 1996
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