Ezra Schabas fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2 Office of the Principal Series 1979-1983
5 Conferences and workshops Series 1967-1991
7 Talks and publications Series 1967-1993
9 Sound recordings Series 1949-1989
B1996-0013/001S(03) Schabas giving paper at the Canadian Association of University Schools of Music on "New Effects on Orchestral Instruments; Trumpet, Violin, Percussion" Includes instrumental sections and percussion was done with John Wyre Item 1972
B1996-0013/001S(05) Interview by Paul Robinson of CJRT radio with Schabas regarding the Royal Conservatory Item 5 Sept 1978
2 Cassette tapes File 1978-1989
B1996-0013/001S(13) CBC, Arts Tonight, review of Schabas' book Theodore Thomas: America's conductor and builder of orchestras, 1835-1905 by William Ripler Item 24 Oct 1989
B2008-0031/001(03) Association of Canadian Orchestras File 1995-1997
B2008-0031/001(08) Alliance Francaise File 1996
B2008-0031/001(12) Arts & Letters Club File 2000-2005
B2008-0031/002(04) Bauman, Mordecai and Irma - Correspondence File 1992-2005
B2008-0031/002(08) Brott Festival File 1998-1999
B2008-0031/003(05) Canada Council File 2000-2003
B2008-0031/003(08) Canadian Heritage- Assessments - General File 2000
B2008-0031/003(12) Canadian Heritage- Assessments File 2001
B2008-0031/003(13) Canadian Music Competition File 1998
B2008-0031/003(17) Canadian Opera Company File 2000
B2008-0031/004(04) Chalmers Fellowship (Ontario Arts Council) File 2002-2006
B2008-0031/004(09) Clarkson, Austin File 1993
B2008-0031/004(13) Correspondence - Miscellaneous File 1994-1996
B2008-0031/004(18) Correspondence - Miscellaneous File 2006-2007
B2008-0031/005(04) Crete File 1995
B2008-0031/005(09) Encyclopedia of Music in Canada File 1989-1990
B2008-0031/005(13) Encyclopedia of Music in Canada -Forsyth File 2000-2001
B2008-0031/006(03) Faculty of Music File 1999-2000
B2008-0031/006(05) Faculty of Music File 2003-2006
B2008-0031/006(09) Gilmour, Clyde File 1996-1997
B2008-0031/006(13) Grove's Dictionary - article File 1996-2000
B2008-0031/007(01) Hambourg, Klement File 1996-1999
B2008-0031/007(05) Howes, Robert File 1994
B2008-0031/007(09) Juilliard School of Music File 1994
B2008-0031/007(14) Lemons, William File 1994
B2008-0031/007(18) MacMillan Exhibition, NLC File 1994
B2008-0031/007(23) MacMillan, Sir Ernest - Rejects File 1991
B2008-0031/008(03) McBurney, Margaret File 1995
B2008-0031/008(08) Morawetz, Ruth File 1998-2001
B2008-0031/008(12) Musical Performance and Communication Program – Report File 1990
B2008-0031/008(16) Music in Canadian Universities - essay File 1967
B2008-0031/008(17) Music Training and Career Development Groups File 1990
B2008-0031/008(21) National Library of Canada – Sir Ernest McMillan File 1991-2000
B2008-0031/009(04) National Youth Orchestra File 1999-2004
B2008-0031/009(09) Ontario Choral Federation File 1993-1997
B2008-0031/009(13) Orchestras Canada File 1992-2007
B2008-0031/009(18) Orenest, Dorothy File 1992
B2008-0031/009(22) Paul Bunyan opera File 1998
B2008-0031/010(01) Ramblers File 1987-1991
B2008-0031/010(05) Saunders, Val File 1994
B2008-0031/010(09) Sommers, Anne File 2002
B2008-0031/010(10) Sotlti File 1996
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