Law school activities Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1998-0006/016(03) Law School reunions File
B1998-0006/016(05) Law School. Criminal law notes File 1955-1956
B1998-0006/017(06) Law School. Negotiable Instruments book File 1956-1957
B1998-0006/017(11A) Osgoode Hall Law School. International Law Text File 1962
B1998-0006/018(16) Appointment as Dean, 1972 File 1971-1972
B1998-0006/018(23) Interview with Law School Advocate File 1972
B1998-0006/018(24) Plans for coming year File 1975-1994
B1998-0006/018(25) Adelaide Court. Advisory Board File 1977
B1998-0006/019A(45) Law School. Squash File
B1998-0006/019A(46) Various sabbatical plans, 1967-68, 1990 File 1966-1990
B1998-0006/019A(48) Law School Graduate Committee File 1988-1992
B1998-0006/019A(49) Media appearances, etc. File 1984-1995
B1998-0006/020(02) Evaluations, 1975-76, 1996-1997 File 1975-1997
B1998-0006/020(03) Personal property course File 1966
B1998-0006/020(05) Old exams File 1962-1987
B1998-0006/020(08) Hebrew University. Law reform course File 1979-1980
B1998-0006/020(10) Law review seminar. Criminal law reform File 1983-1984
B1998-0006/020(11) Law review seminar. Charter File 1984-1985
B1998-0006/021(17) Criminal Law Small Group File 1994-1995
B1998-0006/021(23) Advanced criminal law seminar File 1992
B1998-0006/021(24) Advanced criminal law seminar, spring, 1994 File 1993-1994
B1998-0006/022(09) Appointment book File 1968
B1998-0006/023(12) Appointment book File 1971
B1998-0006/023(16) Appointment book File 1975
B1998-0006/023(17) Appointment book File 1976
B1998-0006/023(18) Appointment book File 1977
B1998-0006/024(21) Appointment book File 1980
B1998-0006/024(22) Appointment book File 1981
B1998-0006/024(24) Appointment book File 1983
B1998-0006/025(30) Appointment book File 1989
B1998-0006/025(33) Appointment book File 1992
B1998-0006/026(37) Secretary's diary File 1974, 1975
B1998-0006/016(01) Law School. Table of contents File
B1998-0006/016(02) U of T Law School File 1955-1958
B1998-0006/017(07) Law School. International Law casebook File 1957-1958
B1998-0006/017(08) Some cases during articling and Bar admission File 1958-1960
B1998-0006/018(15) Various memos, etc. File 1968-1971
B1998-0006/018(18) Correspondence re Decanal appointment, A-J File
B1998-0006/018(22) Various Law School plans and speeches File 1972-1979
B1998-0006/019(35) Correspondence etc. File 1994
B1998-0006/019(36) Correspondence etc. File 1995
B1998-0006/019(38) Directed Research Committee File 1985-1986
B1998-0006/019(40) Faculty of Law Review. Correspondence File 1984-1995
B1998-0006/019A(42) Mooting, 1975-76 (Part 2) File 1975-1976
B1998-0006/019A(52) Secretaries File 1985-1995
B1998-0006/020(06) Criminology seminar File 1967-1968
B1998-0006/020(07) Law reform seminar File 1969-1979
B1998-0006/020(09) International criminal law seminar File 1980
B1998-0006/021(14) Criminal Law Small Group File 1991-1992
B1998-0006/021(15) Criminal Law Small Group File 1992-1993
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