Leonard Ernest Woodbury fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1984-0023/001(05) The tongue and the whetstone: Pindar, 01. 6.82-83 File n.d.
B1984-0023/001(07) Book review of Wege und Formen File Jan 1958
B1984-0023/001(08) Parmenides on names (original) File 1958
B1984-0023/001(13) Equinox at Acragas: Pinar, 01. 2.61-62 File 1966
B1984-0023/001(15) Helen and the Palinode File 1967
B1984-0023/001(18) Book review of Lyrica Graeca Selecta (1st draft and revisions) File ca. 1969
B1984-0023/001(20) Truth and the song: Baccylides 3.96-98 File 1969
B1984-0023/001(23) Sophocles among the generals (3rd draft and revisions) File ca. 1970
B1984-0023/001(28) Apollo's first love... (1st draft) File ca. 1972
B1984-0023/001(34) Book review of Peter Von der Muhll File 1977
B1984-0023/001(36) The victor's virtues:... (1st draft) File ca. 1979
B1984-0023/001(37) The victor's virtues:... (1st revision) File ca. 1979
B1984-0023/001(38) Neoptolemus at Delphi: Pindar, Nem. 7.30ff File 1979
B1984-0023/001(39) Gold hair and grey... (1st draft) File ca. 1979
B1984-0023/002(06) Anaxagoras and Athens (3rd revision) File ca. 1980
B1984-0023/002(09) Cyrene and the ΤΕΛΕϒΤΑ... (1st draft) File ca. 1982
B1984-0023/002(10) Cyrene and the ΤΕΛΕϒΤΑ... (1st revision) File ca. 1982
B1984-0023/002(13) Book review of The Literate Revolution File 1983
B1984-0023/002(14) Two book reviews File 1983
B1985-0021/001 notes, newspaper clippings and memos selected in preparation of an essay entitled "Gentleman-Scholar: A Memoir of Gilbert Bagnani" File 1985
B1984-0023/001(10) Book review of La Composition litteraire File July 1963
B1984-0023/001(11) Book review of Greek Lyric Poetry File 1963
B1984-0023/001(16) Pindar and the mercenary muse:... (1st draft) File ca. 1968
B1984-0023/001(17) Pindar and the mercenary muse: Isthm. 2.1-13 File 1968
B1984-0023/001(24) Book review of A History of Greek Philosophy File 1970
B1984-0023/001(25) Socrates and Archelaus (1st draft) File ca. 1971
B1984-0023/001(26) Socrates and Archelaus File 1971
B1984-0023/001(27) Parmenides on names (revised) File 1971
B1984-0023/001(35) The gratitude of the Locrian maiden: Pindar, Pyth. 2.18-20 File 1978
B1984-0023/002(07) Anaxagoras and Athens (4th revision) File ca. 1980
B1984-0023/002(08) Notes for "Cryene and the ΤΕΛΕϒΤΑ..." File ca. 1982
B1984-0023/002(12) Book review of The Literate Revolution... (1st draft) File ca. 1983
B1984-0023/001(01) The epilogue of Pindar's Second Pythian File 1945
B1984-0023/001(04) Greek verse inscriptions File Nov 1950
B1984-0023/001(06) Book review of Pincipium Sapientiae File 1956
B1984-0023/001(02) The riddle of Theognis: the latest answer File ca. 1950
B1984-0023/001(03) Book review of Virgil's Mind at Work File Apr 1950
B1984-0023/001(09) Apollodorus, Xenophanes, and the foundation of Massilia File 1961
B1984-0023/001(14) Book review of Pindar File 1967
B1984-0023/001(22) Sophocles among the generals (letter of criticism; 2nd draft) File ca. 1970
B1984-0023/001(30) Socrates and the dauther... (1st draft) File ca. 1973
B1984-0023/002(01) Strepsiades' understanding: five notes on the Clouds File 1980
B1984-0023/002(03) Miscellaneous notes to "Anaxagoras and Athens" File ca. 1980
B1984-0023/002(04) Anaxagoras and Athens (1st revision) File ca. 1980
B1984-0023/001(12) The The date and atheism of Diagoras of Melos File 1965
B1984-0023/001(19) Truth and the song: ... (1st draft) File ca. 1969
B1984-0023/001(21) Sophocles among the generals (essay by Benjamin D. Meritt that inspired Woodbury's article; Woodbury's notes and 1st draft) File ca. 1970
B1984-0023/001(29) Apollo's first love: Pindar, Pyth. 9.26ff File 1972
B1984-0023/001(31) Socrates and the daughter of Aristides File 1973
B1984-0023/001(32) Aristophanes' Frogs and... (1st draft) File ca. 1976
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