Sir Daniel Wilson Family Photographic Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2014-0037/002(164) Obverse: "9. Chester, St. John Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(167) Obverse: "17. Chester Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(170) Reverse: [original printed label] "The Menia Bridge. North Wales." [stereograph retouched with watercolours] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(173) Reverse: [original printed label] "Haddon Hall Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(176) Obverse: "252. Welsh Group Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(179) Obverse: "Chester Illustrated" ; "Cathedral, Interior of Chancel, Looking West." [original] Item [ca. 1865]
B2014-0037/002(182) Obverse: "North Wales Illustrated"; "2198. Bettws-Y-Coed Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(187) Obverse: "Collection J.F. Paris" [original]; Reverse: "Minist Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(190) Reverse: "Panth Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(193) Obverse: "Collection L.L. Paris. Exposition Universelle 1878. 144 Cordonnier Arabe." [original]; Reverse: "50" [handwritten] Item 1878
B2014-0037/002(196) Reverse: "Collection L.L. Paris. Exposition Universelle 1878. 151 Rue des Nations la Belgique" [original]; Obverse: "18" [handwritten] Item 1878
B2014-0037/002(199) Reverse: "Arc de l Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(202) Reverse: [original printed label] "Vue instantan Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(205) La Bourse [Paris Stock Exchange] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(208) Reverse: [original printed label] "Rouen instantan Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(220) Obverse: Series: "Piazza di Spagna No. 85"; "25" ; Reverse: "Tempio di Venere e Roma" [handwritten] : L'abside della cella est. Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(223) Reverse: "Venise Italie" [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(226) Tissue stereograph; Reverse: "Rome. Salle de reception du Papa" [original label & handwritten], Italy Item n.d.
9 Germany Series n.d.
B2014-0037/002(228) Obverse: "96. Wilhelmshohe Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(183) Obverse: "3" [handwritten]; Reverse: "16" [handwritten] ; "Brink to Deventer" , Netherlands Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(233) Reverse: "Norge. Skandinavens Boghandel. Chicago." [Stamped, original] ; "Parti med Engelske Lundskal[ Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(236) Tissue stereograph; Image of a man kissing a woman Item n.d.
B2014-0037/002(238) Reverse: "No 102" [handwritten] ; "Views in China. Canton. View of the Canton River, Junks, and the Island of Honan.", with further description [original] Item 1859
B2014-0037/002(241) Obverse: "Dr. Wilson with Westcote Lyttleton Item [1856?]
1 Sir Daniel Wilson's family Series 1869-1883, n.d.
2 United States of America Series 1857-1930
B2014-0037/001(06) Reverse: "621 Item [1870-1890]
B2014-0037/001(09) Reverse: "1074 Sibyl Item [1870-1890]
B2014-0037/001(12) Obeverse: "Sailors on Parade. San Francisco." Item [ca. 1890]
B2014-0037/001(15) Obverse: "Views of Santa Barbara and Vicinity"; "2 Santa Barbara , from Stearn Item [187-?-188-?]
B2014-0037/001(20) Obverse: "Yosemite Valley," ; "Yosemite Falls, 2,634 feet high"; "California" Reverse: "No 99" [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(33) Obverse: "Colorado Mountain Views: Rainbow Falls"; Obverse: original printed label, "Ute Pass & Rainbow Falls" No. 144 [ handwritten], with description; "23" [handwritten] Series: "Colorado Mountain Scenery" Item [1870?]
B2014-0037/001(37) Obverse: "W. G. Chamberlain Item [1870?]
B2014-0037/001(39) Obverse: "Chamberlain Item [1870?]
B2014-0037/001(42) Obverse: Bonaventure trees; Reverse: Bonaventure, near Savannah "Southern Stereoscopic Views" : Bonaventure," with description. No. 159 [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(45) Obverse: "33977 - Islands and Harbor from Cliff Walk, Bar Harbor, Maine, a Summer Playground for the Nation."; $1 pencilled in corner. Reverse: description of Bar Harbor [original] Item [19-?]
B2014-0037/001(48) Flood damage: uprooted house on pile of debris. Reverse: "Mill River" [handwritten] Item 1874
B2014-0037/001(51) Flood path and debris. Reverse: "Mill River" [handwritten] Item 1874
B2014-0037/001(64) Obverse: "245. Crystal Cascade near Glen House, White Mts." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(67) Obverse: "318. The Basin, Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(70) Obverse: "694. Under the Great Snow Arch, Tuckerman Item 1879
B2014-0037/001(72) Obverse: "785. Flume, (below the Boulder,) near Profile House, White Mts." Item [1885]
B2014-0037/001(76) Obverse: "Cathedral Ledge from Echo Lake, North Conway, N.H."; Reverse: "O. C.. Natch" [handwritten] Item n.d.
B2014-0037/001(82), Obverse: "48. Flume, (below the Boulder,) Franconia Notch, N.H."; Reverse: [handwritten] "25 c" Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(85) Obverse: "No. 131. Profile Franconia Notch." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(88) Obverse: "504. Echo Lake, Franconia Notch, N.H." Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(91) Obverse: "2000. Alpine Cascade, Berlin, N.H."; Obverse: "Callahon" [handwritten] Item [ca. 1880]
B2014-0037/001(94) Obverse: "No. 63 Item [187-?]
B2014-0037/001(97) Obverse: "No. 182 - Mt. Willard, P.&O. R.R. White Mountains, N.H." Item [187-?]
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