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This series documents Hollander’s teaching activities including his undergraduate courses given in Microeconomic Theory (Eco 200), and in the History of Economic Thought (Eco 322 and Eco 2004 at the Graduate level). It consists mainly of lecture notes, reading lists, syllabi, and some class assignments and tests. Lectures for the History of Economic Thought, which formed the basis for his book, Classical Economics, are also documented through a series of cassette taped lectures throughout the fall and winter 1981/82 as well as two video-taped lectures in 1991. There are also some files relating to the first course he taught at Princeton in 1962-1963. Various lecture material delivered outside of the University of Toronto – at McMaster University and the Strasbourg Summer School – is also included.

Also contained in this series are Hollander’s files on Ph.D. candidates that he has supervised. Files contain correspondence between student and teacher relating to research, comprehensive examinations, career opportunities etc. There is also some correspondence between Hollander as supervisor and other members of examination and/or thesis committees. Also included are drafts of theses, comments on drafts and general progress of research. These files document Hollander’s dedication to and support for the students under his care which has earned him such wide respect among his former students.

Samuel Hollander fonds

  • UTA 1386
  • Fonds
  • 1954-2022

These accessions of personal records provide a fairly complete representation of Samuel Hollander’s professional life as an academic. The accessions cover his entire career from his student days at the London School of Economics to his retirement from the University of Toronto in 1998 and his appointment at Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel in 2000. Correspondence, found in the various series gives a rich commentary on his professional endeavours and gives a good overview of the debates surrounding Hollander’s work. Lecture notes and taped lectures document how his ideas were taught in the classroom and his Ph.D. files found in Series 5 show his dedication to the teaching and mentor roles for which he is so highly regarded.

Hollander, Samuel

Faculty artists series : programme 3

File consists of a recording and program from the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.


  • Sonata in G minor for two violins and continuo, op. 2, no. 6 / G.F. Handel (Victor Danchenko, violin ; Jascha Milkis, violin ; Marianna Rozenfeld-Milkis, piano)
  • Sonata for two violins in C, op. 56 / Sergei Prokofiev (Victor Danchenko, Jasch Milkis, violins)
  • Grand duo concertante in E-flat for clarinet and piano, op. 48 / Carl Maria von Weber (Joaquin Valdepenas, clarinet ; Patricia Parr, piano)
  • Trio in A minor for violin, cello and piano / Maurice Ravel (Lorand Fenyves, violin ; Vladimir Orloff, cello ; Patricia Parr, piano).

Faculty artists series : program 4

File consists of a program and recording of a concert in Walter Hall.


  • Sonata in B-flat major, K. 292 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (David Hethington, cello ; David McGill, bassoon)
  • Romanzen suite, op. 127 / Dmitri Shostakovich (Lois McDonall, soprano ; Lorand Fenyves, violin ; David Hetherington, cello ; Patricia Parr, piano)
  • Fantasie in F minor, D. 940 / Franz Schubert (Patricia Parr, William Aide, piano)
  • Sonata / Francis Poulenc (Joaquin Valdepeñas, clarinet ; David McGill, bassoon)
  • Suite from "L'histoire du soldat" / Igor Stravinsky (Joaquin Valdepeñas, clarinet ; Victor Danchenko, violin ; Patricia Parr, piano).

Faculty artists series : program 4

File consists of a program and recording from a concert that took place in Walter Hall.


  • Trio sonata in C minor, BWV 1079 / Johann Sebastian Bach (Suzanne Shulman, flute ; Lorand Fenyves, violin ; Douglas Bodle, harpsichord)
  • Sonata in A major, K. 526 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Lorand Fenyves, violin ; William Aide, piano)
  • Sonata for flute and piano / Francis Poulenc (Suzanne Shulman, flute ; Douglas Bodle, piano)
  • Sonate pour violon et violoncello / Maurice Ravel (Victor Danchenko, violin ; Vladimir Orloff, cello).

Amir Hassanpour fonds

  • UTA 1372
  • Fonds
  • 1920 - 2017

Fonds consists of records documenting the professional and personal life of Prof. Hassanpour, Kurdish-Iranian Marxist scholar and Professor at UofT’s Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. Material reflects key areas of Prof. Hassanpour’s research, most significantly Kurdish history and culture; the history of political movements, grassroots organization, and class struggle in Iran, Iraq and Turkey; and communication theory and sociolinguistics. Material includes correspondence with colleagues and scholars internationally, documentation of research with particular focus on Prof. Hassanpour’s dissertation and his Peasant Movement Project, records relating to conference presentations, interviews, and teaching, as well as his publishing activity.

Prof. Hassanpour was deeply invested in the preservation of Kurdish oral, visual, and textual documentary heritage as a response to the historical state suppression of cultural-political struggle of Kurdish people. Reflected in records throughout the fonds is Prof. Hassanpour’s work in pursuing the establishment of Kurdish Studies as a discipline, his work editing journals related to Kurdistan, and his effort in exposing and circulating books on Kurdish Studies to libraries and research institutions internationally. Prof. Hassanpour also actively collected and preserved Kurdish texts, dailies, and visual materials. This material is included in Series 9 (Reference material) and through bibliographic and audio material held in other repositories at the University of Toronto Libraries (please see the related material note below).

Hassanpour, Amir

Robert Sandler Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.015
  • Fonds
  • 1976 - 2003

The Robert Sandler Fonds is separated under series based on the production of various TV series and movies.

Series 1: Northrop Frye Lectures (Frye) Collection
As noted, as the ‘Fyre Collection’ by Sandler in his writings. The collection includes Professor Northrop Frye’s writings and Sandler’s own lectures note from his time as student under Professor Northrop Frye in English literature. The textual in series contains lecture notes on Shakespeare, a collection of William Shakespeare’s various plays. Which was the winner of the Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction. The series contains Sandler’s audiotape collection of Professor Frye’s undergraduate classes Introduction to Shakespeare for two plus years. Frye’s lectures were transcribed, and Professor Northrop Frye’s edited them into a book, which Sandler sold to publisher Fitzhenry & Whiteside. The documents and audiotapes lead to the publishing of Northrop Frye on Shakespeare: Edited by Robert Sandler won Professor Northrop Frye his only Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction.

Sandler worked on multiple projects with Professor Northrop Frye, such as the Bible and Literature and Story of Us. Professor Northrop Frye and Sandler had a good student and teacher relationship, to the point that Professor Northrop Frye wrote a letter of recommendation for Sandler’s CBC application. Sandler was able to work with Professor Northrop Frye when Sandler worked with the University of Toronto’s Media Centre to record the professor’s lectures. Formats within the series includes video and audio copies of the original 25-hour long lectures, used in Bible and Literature, Sandler’s notes to edit the hour-long lectures into 30 ½ hour programs, notes for the 30 roundtable discussions, promotional material are Sandler’s contribution to initiating the Frye project.

Series 2: Fraggle Rock
The second series holds mostly screenplays and script for the children’s program Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Rock is the first series HBO commissioned and created by Jim Henson and his team. It was nominated and won various awards. Sandler was a writer brought on in Season 2 and wrote six episodes and one of his shows was nominated for an International Emmy. Documents included in the series includes episode script proposals, correspondence with Jim Henson and other producers, cast and crew. Also includes the first, second, and third readthrough drafts, written by Robert Sandler and other writers on the show such as Jerry Juhl, Laura Philips, David Young, bq Nichol and Jocelyn Stevenson. The series also includes photographs of cast and crew members on the production set of Fraggle Rock; Fraggle Rock Christmas CDs and an award with a piece of Fraggle Rock presented to Sandler for his years of achievement on the show. Lastly are the lawsuit documents involving the series’ writers not being proper financially compensated.

Series 3: Eric’s World
The third series contains the documents and items from the children’s sitcom series that aired from 1991-1996. The show was a 30-minute program broadcasted on TVO, Knowledge Network, SCN, Access and Family Channel. Sandler was hired to create a children’s series featuring Eric Nagler as a children’s performer and his manager, CJ, a puppet manipulated by John Pattison. Robert Sandler and Allen Booth were the co-creator, co-creative producers, Writer, and co-story editors of the series. They also had various writers also contribute to the series as well.

Documents include both the failed and successful documents to pilot the series, drafts, script notes and final drafts of my 30 plus scripts, the remaining scripts from five seasons, writer’s guides, organization papers. Digital and DVD copies.

Series 4: Traders - Street Legal
The fourth series contains the textual files and video from the Canadian prime-time drama set in a Toronto investment firm. The show is about the professional and private lives of a group of young, aggressive attorneys in partnership together in Toronto. The series was broadcasted on Global TV from 1987-1994. Robert Sandler and Allen Booth are the Co-Story Editors, Episode Co-writers. The documents contained in the series are various drafts of scripts such as the first and second draft written by Robert Sandler, production script, outline of scripts, contract between CBC and Robert Sandler; and correspondences from various production and broadcasting companies like CBC.

Series 5: Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science
The Fifth series contains the documentation and episodes of the award-winning and nominated TV Series that pioneered the true crime genre. This series features interesting crimes stories where forensic science played critical role in solving. This program re-enacts cases in which forensic scientists have used their expertise to find and examine evidence that would have previously been undetectable. 30 minutes TV docudrama series, where Sandler was the Creative Producer, Co-Creator, and Episode Writer. The files included in the series, contains the scripts that Sandler wrote and co-wrote in the first season and important episodes in later seasons. It also includes drafts of the script as well as a VHS and digital copies of the show, plus PR material, documents that pertain to the production of the series, screenplays, court orders, and transcripts of interviews from various scientists, police investigators and comments on the case.

Series 6: 72 Hour - True Crime
The Sixth series contains the textual files and videos a half- hour true TV crime docudrama follow up that focused on the investigators. The series ran three seasons, 45 episodes which Sandler had a hand in writing many of the episodes. The series contains the pitch documents, scripts written by Sandler, scripts he was credited, and script notes on the other 43 episodes, and rewritten scripts. Documents also include production photographs, research documents, crew resume, press clippings, tape interviews and notes.

Series 7: Extreme Clergy
The Seventh series are from the ½ hour TV documentary series where Sandler was the creator, writer, and an episode co-writer. The TV series documented the story of one or a team of clergy in social hot spots around the world. Some people in religious orders were surfing the waves, fighting in warzones, artic, and more amazing places outside a place of worship. The collection documents from Sandler includes the pitch documents for the TV series, drafts of the scripts Sandler wrote or co-wrote, DVDs of various steps in the edit, DVDs of the final episode and various tapes and digital copies of the episodes.

Series 8: EXC Finance
The Eight series in the Sandler collection, include the financial documents for various productions. Textual materials obtained from various production companies such as Two Sands Productions and Creative Anarchy. Also includes the applications and forms to fund various film projects; such as the Canadian Television Fund Agreement, Ontario Declaration of Residency/Consent Form 2008, letter from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Heritage letter. Financial papers included in the collection contains various bank statements, audits, notices from banks, authorization form, Tax documents; T2 Corporation Income Tax Return form, claim forms and Invoices.

Series 9: Sex and Religion
The Ninth series in the collection are documents based on the TV documentary series Sex & Religion. Robert Sandler was the co-creator, and episode writer. A documentary series that travels the world looking for the line between sex and sin. Robert Sandler noted that, “in conjunction with Riddle Films, I was wholly responsible for 5 of the 13 episodes about how major religions viewed various aspects of sex.” Textual documents in this series includes Sandler’s involvement in the writing of the scripts and includes DVDs and edits of these episodes.

Series 10: Real Voodoo
The Tenth series in the collection formats features textual, data, video, and photographs. Short tv-movie that includes financial records of various forms from the Canadian Revenue Agency, notice of (RE)Assessment and form of Claiming a Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. Correspondences, proposals, and draft of scripts.

Series 11: My Pet’s Gone Viral (MPGV)
The Eleventh series in the collection features textual, data, video, and photographs of production. Holds eight episodes ½ hour documentary series starring the cats and dogs in YouTube pet videos that went viral. In the collection include script drafts and final scripts written by Sandler. In the collection also include the DVDs of the final episodes. Financial documents include cost report spreadsheet from various budget, MPGV Banking Summary Notes (2014), breakdown of Canadian costs, and eSubmission Summary. Correspondence to and from Animal Planet on distribution and production of the series.

Series 12: Brebeuf and the Huron Carol
The Twelve series in the collection of the A 1-hour TV musical biography, produced by Creative Anarchy and CBC Radio Canada. The TV special was written by Robert Sandler on the dramatization on the life of Father Brebeuf and his time among the Wendat (Hurons) and his The Huron Carole, the first Christmas Carole in the New World. In this series the various versions of the script and drafts are written by Sandler with his corrections. It also includes research notes and articles on Brebeuf. Video copies are in VHS and digital formats of the show, which also includes photos from the filming, flyer, and episodes.

Series 13: Assholes *A Documentary
The Thirteenth series is about novels by Aaron James turn TV documentary. The TV adaptation was written by Robert Sandler and John Walker with the broadcasting channels NFB and CBC Documentary Channel. It is a feature length documentary based on the New York Times’ best seller of the same name. The TV documentary is inspired by the NYT bestselling book, this lively philosophical investigation into the rise of asshole behaviour across the world asks: What does it mean to be an asshole, and more importantly, how do we stop their proliferation. The show has been nominated for a Writer’s Award and a Gemini Award.

With in the collection includes the research journals/notes, drafts and final editions of the script, invoices, email correspondence between Sandler and his co-writer/director John Walker. Majority of the formats in the collection are data floppy disk drives.

Series 14: Make Me Read
The Fourteenth series short internet films, co-written by Robert Sandler and long-time partner Allen Booth. Make Me Read is a series of YouTube videos with young comedians interviewing popular Canadian authors. However, there are no videos of the short films within the collection, instead the collection holds an array of drafts and final editions of the YouTube videos. The series also includes the novels of the Canadian authors that Sandler interviewed. Most of the authors were a part of the Toronto festival ‘The Word on the Street Festival’.

Series 15: Music
The Fifteenth series contains the audio recordings of various artists that Sandler either produced or had some influence in. Textual documentation contains contracts and agreements for BMI Canada - the Music Scene and SOCAN, song lyrics and correspondences between Sandler and artists. Audio holds recordings from vinyl records and audio reels – such as the album for the movie Foxy Lady and the album for Tony Kosinec.

Series 16: Miscellaneous Produced
The Sixteenth series holds various files of various smaller rolls in TV series throughout his carrier. They include drafts of scripts, proposals, resumes, correspondence between networks, writers' contracts, and miscellaneous documents. TV series included in the series are Under the Umbrella Tree, The Biggest Little Ticket, Sesame Street, Dudley the Dragon, and more. Most of the textual documents are transcripts, various versions (drafts) of script & screenplays, correspondences, and financial files. Within the collection also include his personal academic essays from his time in University of Toronto. Most of the produced series and files are labeled as such in the notes.

Sandler, Robert

Keith MacMillan Fonds

  • CA OTTCA F2346
  • Fonds
  • 1947-2004

Fonds consists mainly of records related to the production of the musical comedy/operetta Saints Alive! (1949) for which Ronald Bryden (later a theatre critic and academic) wrote the libretto and Keith MacMillan wrote the music during their time at Trinity College. Included are copies of the script, libretto, and score; MacMillan’s scrapbook about the show, with his annotations on the script; lists of cast members; programs and reviews. As well, there is a script and parts of the handwritten music manuscript for another collaboration by MacMillan and Bryden: the one-act musical comedy What – No Crumpets! (1947). The fonds includes other creative writing by MacMillan from his Trinity days.

Keith MacMillan

Voices of many lands : University Women's Chorus

File consists of a program and recording of a concert in Walter Hall by the University Women's Chorus, conducted by James Pinhorn.


  • Cantata no. 37. Herr Gott Vater / J.S. Bach, arr. Doreen Rao
  • Pergolesi suite. Inflammatus et accentus ; Quando corpus / Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, arr. Doreen Rao
  • I'll give my love an apple / arr. Imant Raminsh
  • Fare thee well love / arr. Stuart Calvert
  • The blooming bright star of belle isle / arr. Eleanor Daley.
  • Vestigia ; My heart's friend ; The chariot children / Imant Raminsh
  • Nukapiangwaq / arr. Stephen Hatfield
  • Ya faraoule / arr. Stephen Hatfield.

Riki Turofsky master class in voice : Elliot Madore, baritone

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Christine Bae, Spencer Kryzanowski, piano


  • L'elisir d'amore. Una furtiva lagrima / Gaetano Donizetti (Lyndon Ladeur, tenor)
  • Cosi fan tutte. Smanie implacabile / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Lissy Meyerowitz, mezzo-soprano)
  • La Sonnambula. Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni / Vincenzo Bellini (Luke Noftall, baritone)
  • La rondine. Ch'il bel sogno / Giacomo Puccini (Cass Amorim, soprano)
  • Hamlet. O vin disippe la tristesse / Amrboise Thomas (James Coole-Stevenson, baritone)
  • Rusalka. Song to the moon / Antonin Dvorak (Ayana Platt, soprano).

Student composers' concert

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Elyssa Arde, vibraphone ; Kelsey Choi, vibraphone ; Christian Le, guitar


  • Perspectives balance. Ascension 625 / Duncan Hall
  • Spiral staircases in dreams / Stephen Morris
  • Silent / Parisa Sabet
  • Proto-Sequence / Luke Blackmore.

A dream of icy winter

File consists of a recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: University of Toronto Percussion Ensemble ; Aiyun Huang, director


  • A dream of icy winter / Jeff Herriott (Canadian premiere)
  • Rain tree / Toru Takemitsu
  • Nothing ever moves in a straight line / Paul Novak (North American premiere)
  • Dis(armed) / Yaz Lancaster
  • A dotted landscape / Chris Mercer (world premiere).

Dec 29

The Greater Toronto chapter of the NAJC states their hope for funding from the Redress Foundation to build or purchase a new headquarters. Momiji makes a case for financial support to help build their centre from the Redress fund. They also discuss how capital projects should be handled.

[Committee meeting]

They discuss the Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) and a Ukrainian group, and members of the NAJC attending the other groups' meetings. Violence directed towards Asians and Japan bashing, forming a committee. Sending people to Windsor to settle racism in Detroit and the area. Innu demonstration in Queen's park against planes flying overhead. Proposal for a samurai collections exhibition to be held at the Science Centre, seeking members of the Toronto NAJC to be hosts of the exhibit and show students and teachers around the exhibition.

Vivian M. Rakoff fonds

  • UTA 1682
  • Fonds
  • 1945-2012

Fonds consists of records documenting the professional, personal and creative life of Dr. Vivian Rakoff, psychiatrist, administrator and professor. Records include correspondence, certificates, articles, research and background material, creative writing, sketches, and records relating to Dr. Rakoff’s many appearances on CBC programs, including tapes of the shows.

See series descriptions for more information.

Rakoff, Vivian M.

Reference material

Series consists of selected reference material collected by Prof. Hassanpour that is considered rare. Records include handwritten manuscripts, original historical documents, original or copied historical newspapers (mainly in Kurdish and Persian), bulletins, political declaration and reports. Subject matter covers Kurdish nationalism, political movements in Kurdistan and Iran, human rights, and language. Recordings include documentation of 1970s internationalist student activism, recordings of several P.M. Dr. Mossadiq 1950s speeches, and Kurdish pop, ballad, and folk music.

Research - General

Series documents Prof. Hassanpour’s research activity across a wide range of subject areas including Kurdish folklore, political history, and language, Marxist theory and criticism, communication theory, and Iranian and Kurdish political history. It includes documentation of Prof. Hassanpour’s involvement with, and reflections on, the first Kurdish satellite television station, MED-TV, that was based in Europe and directed to audiences in the Middle East and Turkey. Material in this series includes notes, correspondence, reports, annotated texts, and recorded interviews that were part of the Interview Kurdish Women Project.

Research: Peasant Movement Project

Series consists of documentation related to Prof. Hassanpour’s Peasant Movement Project. This project intended to historicize and analyze the Mukriyan peasant movement from 1952 to 1953. Research included interviews organized by Prof. Hassanpour and studies of archival documents including United States Consulate- reports from Tabriz, declassified documents from the U.S. State Department and historical newspapers and dailies. Prof. Hassanpour’s work on this project spanned a large portion of his academic career: beginning his research in the 1970s, he finalized the planned manuscript prior to passing away in 2017. Material in this series includes background research, files related to the administration of the project, and recordings of interviews conducted with individuals who has witnessed or participated in the movement. Please see sub-series descriptions for additional detail.


Series documents interviews given by Prof. Hassanpour to media in Canada and abroad. Material includes transcripts, correspondence, notes, and recordings. The content of these interviews cover areas of Prof. Hassanpour’s research such as the history and theory of Marxism, communication theory, nationalist movements of Kurdistan, and Kurdish language.

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