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End of Year Reflections 1981 and 1982 by Prof George Luckyj

Prof. George Luckyj, professor of Slavic Studies, discusses and comments and his activities throughout the year. Reflections for 1981 were recorded on January 2 1982 (Side 1 of tape) and reflections for 1982 were recorded on January 16, 1983 (Side 2 of tape)

Luckyj 2000 accession

This accession consists of personal and family correspondence; letters of Ostop Lutsky from the Golog; correspondence and reviews relating to his publications, including publication projects with Kiev; course notes and MA thesis; notebooks; family photographs (1900-1994); photographs taken in Kosiv (1931-1936) and of the British Army in Germany (1945-1947); photographs for Professor Luckyj's memoirs; postcard designed by him; and three audio cassette tapes of Luckyj 'end of year reflections' (1980, 1983) and one tape discussing the making of the 'Ukrainian Encyclopedia'.

Luckyj 1996 accession

Records documenting the activities of George Luckyj as a professor in and chair of Slavic Studies. Subjects covered include assimilation and the Ukrainian diaspora; the Encyclopedia of Ukraine; and (on audiotape) the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto (1980). Correspondents include Nikolai Tolstoy and Jewhen Swerstjuk. Much of the remaining correspondence relates to Professor Luckyj's publications, for which there are also notes, research files, manuscripts, and reviews.

George S.N. Luckyj fonds

  • UTA 1493
  • Fonds
  • 1869-2001, predominant 1900-2001

Consists of records documenting the life and career of George S. N. Luckyj as a professor in and chair of the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Toronto and as a scholar of Ukrainian literature.

See accession-level descriptions for further details.

Luckyj, George S.N.

Martin Lawrence Friedland fonds

  • UTA 1294
  • Fonds
  • 1868-2020

Fonds consists of six accessions of records documenting the life of Martin L. Friedland, as a student, professor of law and administrator at the University of Toronto; as an expert on legal matters and a contributor to the formation of public policy at the provincial and federal levels; and as an author of several books and numerous articles, in particular the researching and writing of his book University of Toronto: A History (University of Toronto Press, 2002 & 2013).

See accession-level descriptions for further details.

Friedland, Martin Lawrence

Our Day in Court: Charter and the Courts

This is a radio program produced by CJRT for Open College. This program (#8) discussed the Criminal Justice system and the new 1982 Constitution. It features historian Kenneth McNaughton, Ramsay Cook and John Saywell, who give historical context to how the constitution has changed the relationship with Judges and politicians. This is followed by legal scholars Martin Friedland, Michael Mandle and Alan Yen? who discuss the impact of the constitution on criminal justice procedures. It aslo features Pierre Trudeau discussing these topics as well as Alan Greenspan.

Sound and Moving Images

Series consists primarily of recordings of various interviews and addresses given by Martin Friedland regarding the legal system in addition to his book The University of Toronto: A History.


This series contains alphabetically arranged correspondence files relating to various topics, organizations and individuals on the discipline of linguistics. Also included in this series are files in chronological order in three categories: American linguistics, British (and European) linguistics and Canadian linguistics. Files in this latter category are the most voluminous, containing correspondence with Prof. Chambers from his earliest days at the University of Toronto. Correspondence with American linguists include David Rood, University of Colorado, Robert I. Binnick, University of Kansas, William Labov, Virginia McDavid, Richard Spears, John Baugh among others. British and European correspondents include, among others, Paul Salmon, University Reading, David Britain, Victoria University of Wellington (NZ), Edgar Schneider, Universitat Regensburg and Beat Glauser, Heidelberg. Correspondence with Canadian linguists include colleagues both inside and outside the University of Toronto, and include linguists such as C. Douglas Ellis of McGill University, Harrold Paddock, Memorial University, H.R. Wilson, University of Western Ontario, William Cowan, Carleton University and Gary Prideaux, University of Alberta.

Further records relating to Prof. Chambers’ work in the field of linguistics can be found in file B2019-0038/001(01), which includes some correspondence and ephemera relating to speaking engagements and conferences. Many of the press clippings in files B2019-0038/001(07)-(09) quote Prof. Chambers on the subject of linguistics, demonstrating his role as a regular commentator on this subject, particularly in relation to Canadian English. Similarly, two sound recordings relate to his contributions to the CBC Radio program And Sometimes Y, which explored the cultural and social context of language; another to a talk on language, sex and gender given in Vienna in 2006.


As a recognized expert in linguistics Prof. Chambers was frequently approached by external organizations and private individuals to provide expert advice and testimony in disputes over the use and meaning of language terms. This series documents his activities in two areas of consulting, forensic linguistics and trademarks. Forensic linguistics is the application of linguistic knowledge, methods and insights to the forensic context of law, crime investigation, trial, and judicial procedure. Forensic linguistics applies the theories, constructs and analytical methods of linguistics to questions which arise in civil, criminal and security investigations and adjudication.

This series documents Prof. Chambers work in this area including as expert witness and consultant in criminal and civil cases relating to such matters as the language of pornography, morality of language, decoding telephone conversations, Indigenous land claims etc. (1972-2006). Files B2019-0038/002(03)-(04) contain records relating to Chambers’ work as a consultant for Algonquianist John Nichols. Nichols was called upon to act as expert witness in a case that came before the Supreme Court of Ontario in 1982-1984, relating to a dispute between the Teme-Augama Anishnabai nation and the Ontario government over land on Bear Island on Lake Temagami.

Also included are subject files relating to his expert testimony by affidavit in the matter of oppositions under the Trademarks Act. These include such companies as Coca Cola, services to the Chor Pee & Company (Singapore) for analysis of tape recording in case of Republic National Bank and Yap Lip Yeong (992), Levi Strauss, Jane Parker Bakery, among others.

A few press clippings related to Prof. Chambers’ consulting work as a language consultant in an obscenity trial can be found in B2019-038/001(07)-(09).

J.K. Chambers fonds

  • UTA 1139
  • Fonds
  • 1957-2019

The fonds is arranged and described in ten series documenting Jack Chambers’ 50 year career as professor of linguistics, primarily at the University of Toronto, and his external activities as a forensic linguist, consultant and his passion for jazz. Series 1 contains personal records relating to his appointment, salary, and annual activity reports as a member of the faculty of the University of Toronto’s Centre (and later Department) of Linguistic Studies and also includes some personal correspondence. Series 2 relates to his administrative activities in the Department and the University. Correspondence is included in Series 3 and 4. Series 3 contains letters of reference and evaluation for students and colleagues. Series 4 contains more general correspondence with colleagues within and outside the University in the field of linguistics, with some correspondence predating his arrival at the University of Toronto. Series 5, Jazz, contains files of correspondence, manuscripts, research, reviews, evaluations and other records documenting his special interest in this subject. Series 6 documents his teaching activities and contains course files, examination questions and tests as well as student evaluations for some of the courses he has taught and correspondence with former students. Series 7, Consulting, contains files relating to his activities as a forensic linguistic and consultant in criminal and civil court cases, as well as written testimony for Trademark cases. Records relating to his publication activities will be found in Series 8 and 9. The majority of the files of articles (published and unpublished) relate to academic writings in the field of linguistics. Series 9, Books, contain manuscripts and correspondence documenting his books on two jazz musicians (Miles Davis and Richard Twardzik), and one unpublished novel. There are no manuscripts for his books written or co-written on the field of linguistics. The final series, Series 10, documents a 10 year research project on Dialect Topography on various Canadian regions.

Chambers, John Kenneth (Jack)

Interview with Jutta Ayer

File consists of interview with Jutta Ayer interviewed by Gabrielle Earnshaw at the office of the Henri Nouwen Society. Ayer is a retired Chaplain from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Marblehead, MA). Ayer first met Nouwen at an 1983 lecture at Cambridge and subsequently became his student at Harvard and remained his close friend until his death in 1996. Ayer recounts experiences with Nouwen at Harvard, L'Arche Trolsy (France) and L'Arche Daybreak (Richmond Hill). Themes present in Ayer's interview include the Second World War, Jewish persecution, marital separation, the relationship between Catholics and Protestants, performing the Eucharist, the mother figure, rejection, the role of women in the Catholic church and Nouwen's sexuality. The interview has been transcribed and is available electronically and in hard copy.

NOW Communications Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2002.002
  • Fonds
  • 1981-2002

This fonds is divided into 4 series: ‘NOW Communications Inc.’, ‘NOW Magazine Photo Archive’, ‘The ‘Photo’ Series’, ‘NOW Magazine Audiovisual’.

The first series, ‘NOW Communications Inc.’, consists mainly of textual material relating to the production of the magazine. It is divided into 14 sections: ‘Administration’, ‘Advertising’, ‘Contracts’, ‘Awards’, ‘Circulation’, ‘Correspondence’, ‘Ephemera’, ‘Financial’, ‘Legal’, ‘Photography’, ‘Posters’, ‘Printing Subcontracts’, ‘Promotional’, ‘Publicity’, and ‘Research’. This series also includes 39 bound volumes of NOW Magazine (a complete run dating from Summer 1981 to August 2001).

The second series, ‘NOW Magazine Photo Archive’ consists of several thousand photographs related to the production of NOW Magazine (Vols. 1- 9). These photos document current events, personalities, buildings and businesses, streetscapes, conventions, demonstrations and rallies, theatre rehearsals and performances, film production stills, promotional portraits, and advertising and product shots used for advertising/illustrations/cover shots. This also includes 23 pieces of original artwork.

The third series, ‘The Photo Series’, consists of several thousand photographs related to the production of NOW Magazine (Vols. 10 - 13).
The photographs feature the same subject matter as those in the second series.

The fourth series, ‘NOW Magazine Audiovisual’, consists of audio and video items including production meetings, speeches, radio advertisements, interviews with Michael Hollet and Alice Klein, interviews with celebrities conducted by Michael Hollett, seminars, music compilations, and radio and television profiles of NOW Magazine.

NOW Communications

Shaftesbury Films Inc. Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2007.008
  • Fonds
  • 1993-2007

This fonds is divided into 3 series, based on format. These are: Audio Material; Video Material; and Cinefilms.

The first series, Audio Material, is comprised of raw and mixed soundtrack elements used in the production of the programs.

The second series, Video Material, includes unedited field recordings, various edits and completed television programs.

The third series, Cinefilm, includes unedited camera-original colour negative shot for many of the programs and features.

This fonds includes audiovisual material relating to a number of productions, including:

Camilla (Film, 1993)
Swann (Film, 1996)
Painted Angels (Film, 1998)
Conquest (Film, 1998)
External Affairs (Film, 1999)
Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (Film, 1999)
The Joanne Kilbourn Mysteries (Television, 2000)
Screech Owls (Television, 2001)
Torso (Television, 2002)
Scar Tissue (Television, 2002)
Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity (Television, 2002)
The Atwood Stories (Television, 2003)
In the Dark (Television, 2003)
Hemingway vs .Callaghan (Television, 2003)
The Detective Murdoch Mysteries (Television, 2004)
The Shields Stories (Television, 2004)
Re-Genesis (Television, 2004)
Dark Oracle (Television, 2004)
Terry (Television, 2005)
Mischief City (Television, 2005)
Life with Derek (Television, 2005)
Eight Days to Live (Television, 2006)
11 Cameras (Television, 2006)
The Jane Show (Television, 2006)
In God’s Country (Television, 2007)

Shaftesbury Films Inc.

2018 acquisition

This acquisition is divided into seven series:
Series 01: Audio recordings done by Call Dodd. Most recordings are musical covers of songs, or his of his own songs. Some recordings are done with other musicians.
Series 02: Audio recordings and video tapes done with CBC studios for a variety of programs.
Series 03: Material, including video recordings, relating to Dodd's time on the program Circus.
Series 04: Audio and visual recordings done for the many product commercials Dodd has lent his voice to or auditioned for.
Series 05: Musical recordings of the band Déjà Vu, of which Dodd was a member.
Series 06: Audio recordings relating to work done with Canadian journalist, singer, and broadcaster Malka Marom.
Series 07: Video recordings and textual material relating to the Miss Teen Canada pageants, of which Dodd was a host.

Dodd, Cal

Jacques Israelievitch collection

  • Collection
  • 1853-2016

Collection consists of predominantly violin parts with Jacques Israelievitch's bowings, fingerings, and other annotations; correspondence with composers; various programs from his performances ; and select reviews and newspaper clippings.

Jacques Israelievitch


Series consists of correspondence with composers, musicians, and friends, including Murray and Dorothea Adaskin, Elizabeth Bailey, Michael Colgrass, Barbara Croall, Srul Irving Glick, Chris Paul Herman, Lothar Klein, Gary Kulesha, Arie and Rachel Lipsky, Andrew MacDonald, Alex Pauk, Brent Straughan, George Szell, David Wilson, and Pinchas Zukerman. Correspondence includes enclosed photographs from Murray Adaskin from a visit related to Adaskin's convocation address at Brock University (October 21, 2000) and from Arie Lipsky relating to their Max Bruch project.

Series also includes correspondence and notes relating to Israelievitch's proposed and completed recording projects, including correspondence with CBC, Opening Day Recordings, Dorian, Atma, and Fleur de son Classics, Ltd. (including various recordings and edits from Israelievitch's Solo Suite CD released in 2003).

Series also includes notes and schedules relating to the "Bach Marathon" that Jacques Israelievitch participated in (March 3, 1985), and repertoire lists for Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra auditions.

Music Library Collection of Faculty Events

  • CA OTUFM 51
  • Collection
  • 1946-present, 1965-present predominant

Collection consists of recordings and programs of performances by by faculty members, students, student ensembles, and guest artists, at one of the Faculty of Music theatres (Walter Hall and MacMillan Theatre), and at other University venues.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Music

Jazz series : vocal jazz ensemble

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Vocal Jazz Ensemble ; Lisa Martinelli, director ; 10 O'Clock Jazz Orchestra ; Paul Read, director.
Event tracks :

  • Cecilia / Paul Simon
  • This Masquerade / Leon Russell
  • Like someone in love / Jimmy Van Heusen
  • Jean de Fleur / Grant Green
  • Alice in wonderland / Sammy Fain
  • Here there and everywhere / Lennon ; McCartney
  • Me and Julio down by the schoolyard / Paul Simon
  • Lullaby of the leaves / Bernice Petkere ; Joe Young
  • Laura / David Raksin ; Johnny Mercer
  • You are my sunshine / Jimmie Davis ; Charles Mitchell
  • Pieces of dreams / Michel Legrand ; Marily Bergman ; Alan Bergman
  • Love makes the world go around / John Hendricks.

Composers :

  • Simon, Paul, 1941-
  • Russell, Leon
  • Van Heusen, Jimmy, 1913-1990
  • Green, Grant
  • Fain, Sammy, 1902-1989
  • Lennon, John, 1940-1980
  • McCartney, Paul
  • Petkere, Bernice, 1901-2000
  • Raksin, David
  • Mercer, Johnny, 1909-1976
  • Davis, Jimmie, 1899-2000
  • Mitchell, Charles Porter, 1918-1961
  • Legrand, Michel, 1932-
  • Bergman, Alan
  • Bergman, Marilyn
  • Hendricks, Jon, 1921-

Vocal jazz ensemble

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place at Walter Hall.
Performers : Vocal Jazz Ensemble, (Vocalists : Katherine Bates ; Brian Chetwynd ; Sarah Jerrom ; John McMillan ; Kari Vanderkloot ; Carla Klassen ; David Ioannou ; Anna Mastin ; Corrinne Prevost ; Mark Pellizzer - Instrumentalists : Chris Donnelly, piano ; Anthony Lavdanski, bass ; Philip Takaoka, drums ; Mark Pellizzer, guitar) ; Lisa Martinelli, director.
Event tracks :

  • I love being here with you / Peggy Lee ; Bill Schluger
  • Caravan / Duke Ellington ; Irving Mills ; Juan Tizol
  • Fascinating Rhythm / Gershwins
  • Dandaya / Greg Jasperse
  • Morning / P. Stiller
  • Mellowtone / Duke Ellington ; Jon Hendricks
  • All Blues / Miles Davis ; Peter Eldridge ; Kim Nazarian
  • Only Love / Neil Young
  • Four Brothers / Jimmy Guiffre ; Jon Hendricks.

Composers :

  • Lee, Peggy, 1920-2002
  • Schluger, Bill
  • Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974
  • Mills, Irving, 1894-1985
  • Tizol, Juan, 1900-1984
  • Gershwin, George, 1898-1937
  • Gershwin, Ira, 1896-1983
  • Jasperse, Greg
  • Hendricks, Jon, 1921-
  • Davis, Miles
  • Eldridge, Peter
  • Nazarian, Kim
  • Young, Neil, 1945-
  • Giuffre, Jimmy

Vocal jazz ensemble and 11 o'clock jazz orchestra

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Vocal Jazz Ensemble ; 11 O'Clock Jazz Orchestra ; Lisa Martinelli, director ; Jim Lewis, director

Event tracks :

  • On a clear day / Lane, Burton, 1912-1997
  • On the sunny side of the street / McHugh, Jimmy, 1894-1969
  • Don't worry 'bout a thing / Wonder, Stevie
  • In your eyes / Gabriel, Peter, 1950-
  • Invitation / Kaper, Bronislaw, 1902-1983
  • The tunnel / Mintzer, Bob
  • Dry cleaner from des Moines / Mingus, Charles, 1922-1979
  • Who comes this night / Grusin, Dave
  • Ya gotta try / Nestico, Sammy
  • Three and one / Jones, Thad, 1923-1986
  • Ruby my dear / Monk, Thelonious
  • Love walked in / Gershwin, George, 1898-1937
  • Back home in Indiana / Hanley, James F. (James Frederick), 1892-1942
  • The mingusian grinder / Maher, Bill
  • Spectrum / Mintzer, Bob

Composers :

  • Lane, Burton, 1912-1997
  • McHugh, Jimmy, 1894-1969
  • Wonder, Stevie
  • Gabriel, Peter, 1950-
  • Kaper, Bronislaw, 1902-1983
  • Mintzer, Bob
  • Mingus, Charles, 1922-1979
  • Nestico, Sammy
  • Jones, Thad, 1923-1986
  • Monk, Thelonious
  • Gershwin, George, 1898-1937
  • Hanley, James F. (James Frederick), 1892-1942
  • Maher, Bill
  • Grusin, Dave
  • Mintzer, Bob

A tribute to Trudy Desmond, 1945-1999

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place at Walter Hall. Arrangements are principally by Don Thompson.
Performers: Kiran Singh, voice ; Stuart Sladden, voice ; Hilary Welch, voice ; John Roney, piano ; Michael Herring, bass ; Joel Haynes, drums ; Lisa Martinelli, director.
Event tracks:

  • If I were a bell / Loesser
  • One Note Samba / Hendricks, Jobim
  • All or Nothing at All / Lawrence, Altman
  • Blame It on My Youth / Levant, Heyman
  • Gypsy in My Soul / Boland, Jaffe
  • It's alright with me / Porter
  • Old Country / Adderley, Lewis
  • In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning / Mann, Hilliard
  • Lucky to be Me / Green, Bernstein
  • Anyone can Whistle / Sondheim
  • Someone to Watch Over Me / Gershwin
  • I've Got the World on a String / Arlen, Koehler.

Vocal jazz ensemble

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Vocal Jazz Ensemble ; Lisa Martinelli, director ; Kevin Turcotte, special guiest ; Vocalists (Katherine Bates ; Brian Chetwynd ; David Ioannou ; Sarah Jerrom ; John McMillan ; Kari Vanderkloot ; Hilary Welch) ; Chris Donnelly, piano ; Colin Kingsmore, drums ; Al Mousseau, bass ; Tai ara, guitar.
Event tracks :

  • At long last love / Cole Porter
  • Honeysuckle rose / Fats Waller
  • Caravan / Duke Ellington
  • Morning / P. Stiller
  • Acappella in Acapulco / Anders Edenroth
  • Traffic jam / James Taylor
  • Invitation / Bronislau Kaper
  • Mellowtone / Duke Ellington
  • Satin doll / Duke Ellington
  • Four brothers / Jimmy Giuffre ; Jon Hendricks.

Composers :

  • Porter, Cole, 1891-1964
  • Waller, Fats, 1904-1943
  • Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974
  • Taylor, James, 1948-
  • Kaper, Bronislaw, 1902-1983
  • Giuffre, Jimmy

Vocal jazz ensemble

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers :

  • Lisa Martinelli, director

Event tracks :

  • On a clear day / Burton Lane
  • In your eyes / Peter Gabriel
  • On the sunny side of the street / Jimmy McHugh
  • Dry cleaner from des Moines / Charles Mingus
  • All the things you are / Jerome Kern
  • Deluge / Wayne Shorter
  • Wishing well / Mike Stern
  • Bei Mir bist du Schon / Sholom Secunda
  • I love being here with you / Peggy Lee ; Bill Schluger
  • Caravan / Ellington ; Mills ; Tizol

Composers :

  • Lane, Burton, 1912-1997
  • Gabriel, Peter, 1950-
  • McHugh, Jimmy, 1894-1969
  • Mingus, Charles, 1922-1979
  • Kern, Jerome, 1885-1945
  • Stern, Mike
  • Secunda, Sholom, 1894-1974
  • Lee, Peggy, 1920-2002
  • Schluger, Bill
  • Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974
  • Tizol, Juan, 1900-1984
  • Mills, Irving, 1894-1985

Vocal jazz ensemble and 11 o'clock jazz orchestra

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place at Walter Hall.
Performers : Vocal Jazz Ensemble ; Lisa Martinelli, director ; Tavis Wier, guitar ; Jennifer Johnston, vocals ; Emma Love, vocals ; Shannon Hulburt, vocals ; Joe Organ, piano ; Stuart Sladden, vocal ; Damian Dobrowolski, bass ; Cory Apolcer, drums ; Cory Apolcer, drums ; Dan Blondon, trumpet ; Alex Samaras, bocals ; Shannon Hurlburt, vocals ; Stephanie Kujtan, vocals ; Anna Mastin, vocals Dan Blondon, vocals ; Joelle Turner, vocals ; Robin Dann vocals.
11 O'Clock Jazz Orchestra ; Sandra Salverda, trumpet ; Jonah Cristal-Clarke, piano ; Dave Neill, tenor sax ; Matt McClean, trumpet ; David Espeut, alto sax ; Jesse Malone, trumpet ; Roger Mantie, tenor sax.

Event tracks :
Vocal Jazz Ensemble:

  • Spain / Corea et all...
  • Sugar / Turrentine; Dayrll
  • The nearness of you / Carmichael et all ...
  • James / Pat Methany
  • Loves me like a rock / Paul Simon
  • Everbody's song but my own / Kenny Wheler
  • On the sunny side of the street / McHugh et all ...
  • Ain't no sunshine / Bill Withers
  • Oh, lady be good / Gershwin

10 O'Clock Jazz Orchestra:

  • Day in day out / Mercer; Blom
  • The touch of your lips / Ray Noble
  • Calendula / Kirk MacDonald
  • It only happens every time / Thad Jones
  • You must believe in spring / Legrand
  • Song for my father / Horace Silver

Toronto wind quintet with guests

File consists of a recording of the concert.

Event tracks :

  • Petite offrande musicale / Nino Rota
  • Mladi "youth" / Leo Janacek
  • Divertissement for oboe, clarinet bassoon. Prelude / Jean Francaix
  • Divertissement for oboe, clarinet bassoon. Allegretto assai ; Elegie ; Scherzo / Jean Francaix
  • Septet for wind instruments / Paul Hindemith

Composers :

  • Rota, Nina
  • Janacek, Leos
  • Françaix, Jean, 1912-1997
  • Hindemith, Paul, 1895-1963.

Audiovisual & digital records

Series consists primarily of photographs, audio interviews and video recordings of play performances, interviews, and poetry readings. Records include both analogue and digital audio and video recordings, and well as digital photographs.

Guido Pugliese fonds

  • CA UTM F003
  • Fonds
  • 1969-2019

Fonds consists of material documenting the career of Prof. Guido Pugliese as Associate Professor in the Department of Language Studies at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), and to a limited extent, his involvement in the local Italian Canadian community. Records include textual records such as CVs, correspondence, course material, play scripts and programs, as well as photographs and video recordings mostly related to Italian plays at UTM.

Pugliese, Guido

Richard Story Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2019.018
  • Fonds
  • 1964 – 2014, predominant 1979 - 2010

This fonds consists of 16 series, divided by production, format, and project, based on Story’s original division and organisation of files. The series are as follows:

1.“Some Letters to a Young Poet Feature Film”
2.“Echo Lake Feature Film”
3.“Palace short film”

  1. “The Time Traveler TV Movie”
  2. “Works in Development”
  3. “The Chair short film”
  4. “Duke Redbird short film”
  5. “Elusive short film”
  6. “Canadian Aboriginal Archive Project”
  7. “Writing Projects”
  8. “European Mime Tour 1990”
  9. “Personal Calendars 1986 – 2011”
  10. “Teaching Materials”
  11. “Personal Files”
  12. “Book Collection”
  13. “Indigenous Collection”.

The first series, “Some Letters to a Young Poet Feature Film”, includes story research notes, script drafts, art design research, shooting script, production stills, audio cassettes, raw footage, ¾ inch U-Matic video cassettes, Betacam SP video cassettes, VHS cassettes, casting tapes, original music recordings, handwritten tape-logs, EDLs, director’s notes, production journal, promotional materials, photographic prints and negatives, print press kits, press clippings and memorabilia related to the production of the feature film.

The second series, “Echo Lake Feature Film”, includes research notes, script drafts, shooting script with hand-written notes, art design research, location scout VHS cassettes, casting VHS cassettes, raw footage, MiniDV video cassettes, Betacam SP master video cassette, correspondences, pre-licences, financing agreements, production stills, select props, original music CD, handwritten tape-logs, director’s notes, screener VHS cassettes, production journal, DVD data discs, photographic prints and negatives, print press kits, and press clippings related to the production of the feature film.

The third series, “Palace short film”, includes script drafts in short film and feature-length formats, research notes, production stills, JPEG digital files and photographic prints, funding application, shooting script, shot lists, credits, cast correspondences, film festival programmes, DVD data discs, Mini DV video cassettes, audio CD, and one external hard drive, relating to the production of the short film.

The fourth series, “The Time Traveler TV Movie”, includes story research notes, script drafts, shooting script, art design research, casting material, development agreement, series bible, casting VHS cassettes, six first draft episodic scripts, production stills, camera reports, production notes, raw footage, handwritten tape-logs, director’s notes, production journal, mini DV video cassettes, DVD data discs, digital mov files, digital TIFF files, DVD discs, Blu-ray discs, HDCAM video cassettes, Betacam SP video cassettes, internal hard drives, textile wardrobe items, relating to the production of the TV movie.

Note there are two video cassettes (Betcam & HDCAM) in this series which have a Cree audio dub of the pilot episode, as well as versioning notes and a time-coded translation of the script in Cree and English.

The fifth series, “Works in Development”, includes textual materials such as writing notes, research notes, screenplays, beat sheets, grant applications, funding paperwork, development notes for various unproduced works. The series also contains audio-visual materials such as Mini-DV audition tapes, VHS video cassettes, and 3/4 inch U-Matic video cassettes of live comedy shows.

The sixth series, “The Chair short film”, includes textual production materials, digital prints on data CD, rough cuts on VHS video cassette, as well as final edit on DVD-R and mini DV cassette for a short film written by Sally O'Neill, and produced by Richard Story and Sally O’Neill.

The seventh series, “Duke Redbird short film”, includes promotional postcard, DVDs, DVD-R, mini DV and VHS video cassette, featuring rough cuts and final edit of the short documentary.

The eighth series, “Elusive short film”, includes script drafts for the short film and feature formats, casting documents, financing and distribution materials, photographic prints, shooting script, shot lists, VHS video cassettes, Mini DV video cassettes, DVDs, and a 3 ½ inch floppy disk relating to the production of the short film.

The ninth series, “Canadian Aboriginal Archive Project”, includes a soundtrack on audio cassette, interviews with actor Lorne Cardinal, release agreement, funding applications, digital script on 3 ½ inch floppy disk, VHS video cassettes and Mini DV video cassettes relating to the production of the project.

The tenth series, “Writing Projects”, includes textual materials relating to Story’s writing, such as a book proposal, draft, and supporting press materials for Producing & Directing an Independent Digital Movie; a sales kit, notes, correspondences, and finished drafts of The Portable Film School; and a number of 3 ½ inch floppy disks with other works.

The eleventh series, “European Mime Tour 1990”, includes VHS video cassettes, 3/4 inch U-Matic video cassettes, audio cassettes, 33 rpm audio record, photographic prints, as well as ephemera and artifacts from the tour.

The twelfth series, “Personal Calendars 1986 – 2011”, includes hand-written and colour-coded monthly calendars for each year. The calendar for 2008 is not included. Items were digitized by donor, prior to donation. The digital files are not included in this donation.

The thirteenth series, “Teaching Materials”, includes textual materials such as course notes, course descriptions, exam papers, feedback forms, film festival programmes, flipbooks, grant applications and film release press kits used as teaching examples. The series contains 36 VHS video cassettes of commercially released film productions used in the donor’s course curriculums. Photographs and digital prints are included in some of the press kits in the series. Also included are 7 mounted 35mm colour transparencies of production stills from commercially released film titles.

Please note that this series contains confidential information relation to student names, contact info and grades.

The fourteenth series, “Personal Files”, includes materials relating to the donor’s teenage years in Vancouver, and his interest in the punk and skateboarding scenes. The series includes commercial and independent music releases on 33rpm and 45rpm discs, as well as newspaper clippings, photographs, skateboarder magazines, newsletters, stickers, club membership cards, flags, and various ephemera. Artifacts include a medal, trophy, ribbons, and rosettes from skateboarding competitions.

The fifteenth series, “Book Collection”, includes a range of published books relating to the donor’s creative influences. Authors represented included Gaston Bachelard, Walter Murch, Friedrich Nietzsche and Andrey Tarkovsky.

The sixteenth series, “Indigenous Collection”, includes materials relating to the donor’s creative work and teaching in the Indigenous and Aboriginal media communities, in Canada and internationally. Textual materials include press clippings, festival brochures, media directories, training leaflets, magazines and publications relating to Indigenous issues. The series also includes commercially released DVDs and CDs from Indigenous artists, and festival tote bags.

This fonds includes textual and audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
• Echo Lake
• Elusive
• Palace
• Some Letters to a Young Poet
• The Chair
• The Time Traveller

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following film productions:
• The Hidden Path
• Z-Virus

This fonds includes audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
• Duke Redbird

Story, Richard

Peter Feniak Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2019.013
  • Fonds
  • 1964 – 2019

This fonds consists of 11 series, divided by subject matter, production and format, and reflecting Feniaks’s own division and naming of his files. The series are: “Introduction and Overview”, “Early Days Media, Promo Folders, B&W Photographs”, “90 Minutes Live with Peter Gzowski / Canada After Dark", “That's Life Global TV”, “Lifetime CTV”, “Freelance Writer / Broadcaster work”, “Feature Articles”, “Good Times features on celebrated Canadians”, “Books autographed by interview subjects”, “Videotapes from Freelance Work” and “Clippings and Periodicals”.

The first series, “Introduction and Overview”, includes resumes, headshot photographs, correspondence, notes, video cassettes and audio cassettes relating to Feniak’s early work. This series also contains a first edition print of the John Lennon book, A Spaniard in the Works, as well an audio cassette recording of an interview with Ray Manzarek of The Doors recorded in 1996.

The second series, “Early Days Media, Promo Folders, B&W Photographs”, includes notes, press clippings, promotional photographs and publicity materials relating to Feniak’s work for Winnipeg Folk Festival, CBC Winnipeg, and Winnipeg Free Press.

The third series, "90 Minutes Live with Peter Gzowski / Canada After Dark", includes production notes, guest listings, research, and CBC memos relating to the production of 90 Minutes Live with Peter Gzowski and Canada After Dark on CBC. Some items containing personal information may be restricted.

The fourth series, “That's Life Global TV”, includes press kits, promotional photographs, interview notes, and story notes relating to Feniak’s work as a host for That’s Life on Global TV.

The fifth series, "Lifetime CTV", includes video cassettes, DVD-Rs, promotional photographs, tour itineraries, production notes, interview notes, correspondence, continuity prints, and press clippings for Lifetime seasons 1 through 4 on CTV.

The sixth series, “Freelance Writer / Broadcaster work”, includes production notes, story pitches, video cassette demo reels and article press clippings for Feniak’s work as a freelance writer and television host.

The seventh series, “Feature Articles”, includes audio cassettes, video cassettes and newspaper clippings of Feniak’s interviews and features on notable figures in the world of entertainment.

The eighth series, “Good Times features on celebrated Canadians “, includes audio cassettes, mp3 audio, typed articles and Good Times magazine clippings of Feniak’s interviews and features on notable Canadians, such as Leslie Nielsen, Gordon Lightfoot, William Shatner, Jim Cuddy, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Margot Kidder, Silken Laumann, Arlene Dickinson, Colin Mochrie, Rick Mercer, and Dr. David Sazuki.

The ninth series, “Books autographed by interview subjects”, includes hard cover and soft cover books by authors such as Irving Layton, Dr. David Sazuki and Joan Collins. This series also contains a sketchbook by Friz Freleng, with 6 original pen drawings of Looney Toons characters, signed by the artist.

The tenth series, “Videotapes from Freelance Work”, includes video cassettes of Feniak’s work on television programs such as Today’s Parent, Lifetime, and That’s Life, as well as consumer recordings of other television events such as Live Aid and the Juno Awards 1998.

The eleventh series, “Clippings and Periodicals”, includes newspaper clippings, festival programs, and press credentials for Feniak’s freelance journalist and reporting work. This series also contains some promotional buttons and a medal.

This fonds includes textual and audio-visual material relating to the following television productions:
• 90 Minutes Live with Peter Gzowski
• Canada After Dark
• Lifetime
• Live it Up
• That’s Life
• Today’s Parent

This fonds includes textual material relating to articles in the following publications:
• Frank (periodical)
• Globe and Mail (newspaper)
• Good Times (magazine)
• Saturday Night (magazine)
• The City (Toronto Star magazine)
• Toronto (magazine)
• Toronto Star (newspaper)

Feniak, Peter

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