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Stephen Clarkson fonds

  • UTA 1148
  • Fonds
  • 1937-2018, predominant 1959-2015

Personal records of Professor Stephen Clarkson, documenting his career as a political scientist, writer, teacher, and his early political career in municipal politics and with the Liberal Party of Canada and Ontario. Records in this fonds document the entirety of Clarkson's life and career. Records include biographical information (CV's, activity reports, honours), personal and professional correspondence, and files related to his early education and the writing of his Ph.D. thesis.

Series 3 to 13 consist of records documenting Clarkson's several books and his extensive research and writings over the course of his career. Joint projects and research with Christina McCall including original records by her can be found in some these series as well, specifically the research and writing of Trudeau and Our Times (Series 2) and research on Canadian Federal politics (Series 13).

Series 14 to 18, document Clarkson's teaching activities and his career within the University of Toronto's Department of Political Science.

Series 19 to 22 document his political roles within the Liberal party, his run for Toronto Mayor in 1969 and as well as his social activism.

This fonds also includes Liberal Party of Canada policy documents (1966-1976) belonging to Allen Linden that were given to Clarkson either because he took over as chair of the policy committee or collected as a primary resource for his research on the Liberal Party.

Accession B2019-0003 was an accrual acquired from his spouse Nora Clarkson following his death, and consists of files from his home office and laptop computer.

Accession B2023-0008 (1 box, 1975-2000) is an accrual of further personal records consisting of his journal and notes about his marriage to Christina McCall.

Clarkson, Stephen

J.M. Beattie fonds

  • UTA 1110
  • Fonds
  • 1952-2017

Fonds consists of records encompassing the personal and professional activities of J.M. (John Maurice) Beattie as a British legal historian of the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries in the Department of History and the Centre for Criminology at the University of Toronto. Includes personal and professional correspondence with family, colleagues, and students; drafts and research for his PhD thesis "The English Court in the Reign of George I" (University of Cambridge, 1963); syllabi and lecture notes for courses taught on British legal and criminal history; texts of his presentations and talks; research notes and drafts of books and articles, in particular his final two books Policing and Punishment in London 1660-1750: Urban Crime and the Limits of Terror (2001) and The First English Detectives: The Bow Street Runners and the Policing of London, 1750-1840 (2012); and files pertaining to his employment at the U of T and participation on committees within University College, the Department of History, and the Centre for Criminology.

Beattie, J.M.

University of Toronto and professional activities

This series comprises materials related to Beattie's involvement in a range of committees, primarily at the University of Toronto within University College, the Department of History, and the Centre for Criminology. Also included are his activity reports, 1985-1995, a headshot portrait of Beattie circa 1986, and a digital folder with his curriculum vitae (CV), 2000-2017.

Grants and Research

This series contains files about the research grants that supported Beattie's travels to English and European archives, along with files pertaining to his research for his published works as well as public lectures and courses. A significant amount of the files are about the Old Bailey Proceedings, which was an instrumental source for both Crimes and the Courts and The First English Detectives.

Digital files consist of further research notes, primarily word processing files and notes about topics pertaining to his research.


This series contains records related to Beattie's published books and articles. It includes drafts, publisher contracts, reviews from readers and colleagues, royalty and financial information, as well as correspondence with his publishers.

Digital files consist of word processing drafts for Beattie’s articles, 1990-2015, as well as drafts for his last two books, Policing and Punishment in London 1660-1750: Urban Crime and the Limits of Terror (2001) and The First English Detectives: The Bow Street Runners and the Policing of London, 1750-1840 (2012).

Presentations and talks

This series documents Beattie's conference presentations and public lectures. It covers a range of topics, including his books, Crime and the Courts, Policing and Punishment in London 1660-1750, and Bow Street Runners. His talks also delve into various research interests more generally, such as women and crime, early policing history, urban crime, the development of prisons (with a focus on the Kingston Penitentiary), the history of penal transportation, and the relationship between crime, economics, and society. There is a folder of digital word processing files of Beattie’s talks from 1999-2013. Also included is a video of Beattie delivering the 2006 Lansdowne Lecture at the University of Victoria and three audio cassette tape recordings of lectures delivered by Beattie, ca. 1992-1993.


1610 emails, circa 2009-2017, from his j.beattie@sympatico.ca email address, which he shared with his wife Susan. Includes correspondence with his family, friends, and colleagues including Allyson May, Jim Phillips, Martin Friedland, Randall McGowen, Simon Devereau, and Joanna Innes.

Correspondence and Letters of Recommendation

This series consists of five categories of correspondence:

  1. Chronological correspondence: correspondence re-arranged chronologically by Beattie prior to donation to the Archives. Includes letters from colleagues, students, publishers, family, friends, and professional contacts. The letters cover both personal and professional topics related to teaching (especially course materials and progression), conferences (invitations to participate and inquiries about subjects/colleagues), travels (particularly in England/Europe), research (archival information requests and the use of Beattie's books in classrooms), research leave (specifically in 1985-1986 while away from his family in London), and personal family life.

  2. Professional correspondence files [not re-arranged chronologically]: correspondence files organized by book project or correspondent, including Tina Loo, Joanna Innes, Jim Phillips, Peter Linebaugh, Nick Rogers, and John Styles. The correspondence primarily covers legal and crime history, focusing on the research conducted by Beattie and his correspondents.

  3. 132 digital word processing files of outgoing letters, from 2000-2016

  4. 1610 emails, circa 2009-2017, from his j.beattie@sympatico.ca email address, which he shared with his wife Susan. Includes correspondence with his family, friends, and colleagues including Allyson May, Jim Phillips, Martin Friedland, Randall McGowen, Simon Devereau, and Joanna Innes.

  5. 4 files and 1 digital folder of letters of recommendation written by Beattie for colleagues and students.

Personal and biographical

This series consists of personal and biographical items from J. M. Beattie, in particular, Beattie’s personal letters to his wife Susan, from 1957-1986. Some of the letters are addressed "Dear Susan and R.A.K.," an acronym representing their children, Roger, Allison, and Katherine. The letters primarily cover topics related to family life, such as living arrangements, their children's education, and updates about other family members and friends, as well as his students and research endeavours.

Digital files include a typescript of his father’s diary from the First World War, speeches from family gatherings, and a copy of a memorial website made by his family following his death. Also included are a digital video of his speech at his son Roger’s wedding (2015) and 2 audio sound recordings: a discussion about his early life with granddaughter Natalie (2016) and a discussion with daughter Allison Beattie about the evolution of universities (2016).

David Young Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00327 (Downsview Offsite)
  • Accession
  • 1968-1995
  • Part of David Young Papers

A collection of David Young's correspondence, literary manuscripts, business papers, and ephemera. Correspondence includes both business and personal matters from the late 1960s to 1995. The literary papers include multiple drafts and the galleys for his novels Incognito and Agent Provocateur, the notes and drafts for some of his most successful dramatic works, among them Fire, and Glenn, and many TV scripts. Also included are several of his adaptations of works by other authors for radio, such as Carol Shield's Swann, and Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Lion and The English Patient. Drafts of works by other authors edited by Young and his own manuscripts edited by others, including Michael Ondaatje, are also included. The business papers relate to The Writer's Union of Canada, The Writers' Trust, The For/Words Foundation, Coach House Press and The Baffin Island Project. The ephemera documents the Toronto arts scene.

Bata Shoe Company Papers

Includes corporate files from the Canadian Bata Shoe Company (including correspondence; legal and financial records; product development, marketing and promotional files; technical and production-related files, and human resources files). The bulk of the material was created by the Canadian Bata company, however many records relate to several of the organization’s international outposts, including companies headed in Africa, India, Asia and Europe. The collection also includes press clippings and other publications about the Bata Company and its historical significance. There are also a small number of Bata family records, primarily for Thomas J. Bata (1914-2008), Sonja I. Bata, Tomáš Baťa (1876-1932) and Marie Bata.

Howard Engel Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00779 (Downsview Offsite)
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1945-2019

Collection contains personal and professional papers relating to Howard Engel. These papers contain extensive material on the novels,
books, screenplays, playscripts and radio episodes of Engel. This notably includes drafts for all fourteen novels in the Benny Cooperman series, many including prolific drafts with holograph and editorial revisions. Also included in the collection are extensive drafts for Engel’s final Cooperman novel, Over the River, which was slated to be published in both 2016 and 2018 but was eventually cancelled by the publisher, along with the complete drafts for two unpublished Benny Cooperman novels, and partial drafts and outlines for three additional novels. In addition to his fictional writing, the archives include poetry, articles, reviews, and drafts and proofs for his works of non-fiction. In particular, there are extensive drafts for the memoir of his 2001 stroke, The Man Who Forgot How to Read, the book was originally intended as an autobiography and several earlier drafts exist which detail Engel’s childhood, adolescence and adulthood. During the process of recovering from his stroke, Engel became acquainted with Oliver Sacks, who would later pen an article on Engel in The New Yorker and would go-on to write the afterword of Engel’s memoir. Their extensive correspondence, along with several drafts of Sacks is also present. In addition to material related to Engel’s professional career as a writer, including photographs and press clippings, as well as speeches given over the course of several decades. Engel’s career as a journalist, writer and producer at the CBC is well-documented through scripts and research written or produced by Engel, which is further augmented by audio tapes and reels. The personal life of Engel is well-documented through a nearly complete set of diaries dating between 1991 and 2019, with additional diaries dating from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1980s, as well as photographs, mementos and through correspondence of a personal and professional nature. The collection contains manuscripts written by other writers, often sent to Engel for feedback or as gifts, this includes drafts or proofs from Kildare Dobbs, Mavis Gallant, Eric Wright and Jack Batten.

Engel, Howard

Jo Beverley Papers

This accession of Jo Beverley’s papers includes manuscript drafts for A Lady’s Secret (2008), The Secret Wedding (2009), The Raven and the Rose (2014), The Viscount Needs a Wife (2016) and other writing drafts; research and other files for novels; promotional materials; correspondence; personal documents including drawings; memorabilia; contracts; royalties; audiobooks; and a USB hard drive containing thousands of files; and other material relating to her life and work.

Contains series:

  1. Manuscripts
  2. Research and other files relating to novels
  3. Promotional materials, reviews, book covers
  4. Correspondence
  5. Personal documents and memorabilia
  6. Contracts and royalties
  7. Audiovisual and other files

Jo Beverley Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1970-2017

The collection consists of manuscript drafts and proofs of her novels and novellas, as well manuscripts of unpublished work and some non-fiction. It also includes correspondence (editorial as well as fan mail), and marketing and publicity material.

Beverley, Jo

Coach House Press Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1958-2012

Collection of Bevington's papers related to the founding and running of Coach House Press, includes professional and personal correspondence and material collected by Bevington. Contains material from his time at Rochdale College and the files for SoftQuad, the company co-founded by Bevington that was at the forefront of the digital age in publishing. Library and Archives Canada also holds a significant amount of Coach House Press materials.

Bevington, Stan

Margaret Atwood Papers

Contains writing by Atwood, including essays, poetry and speeches. Accession also contains personal and miscellaneous materials
such as writing from other authors and awards. Accession includes correspondence to Atwood, letters and notes stored within books,
as well as publications featuring Atwood’s writing and interview transcripts.

Don Bailey Papers

This accession includes personal correspondence; audiovisual materials; and 160 floppy disks containing manuscript drafts, story drafts, journal entries, projects, notes, correspondence, foster children’s files, and other items relating to the life and work of Don Bailey.
Contains series:

-Other Files
-Audiovisual Materials

George Elliott Clarke Papers

Includes original holograph notebooks, drafts, research, voluminous correspondence (129 boxes), ephemera, and all manner of material related to the life and work of poet, performer, activist and professor George Elliott Clarke. Major works included: The Motorcyclist; Canticles; Gold; Trudeau; Red/I & I; as well as short pieces; reviews, essays, remarks, lectures, editorial work.

UTSC Archives Legacy collection

  • UTSC 002
  • Collection
  • 1949, 1956-2018

The archives contain a range of documentation relating to the foundation, history, and activities of the University of Toronto Scarborough. The materials have been arranged largely by originating department or by medium in the case of publications, photographs, clippings, architectural plans, and artifacts. There are ten series, several of which have subseries:


B.1. Principal
B.2. Vice-Principal, Research
B.3. Dean and Vice-Principal, Academic
B.4. Assistant/Associate Dean
B.5. Registrar
B.6. Superintendent
B.7. Director of Physical Education
B.8. Director of Educational Communication Systems
B.9. Scarborough College Council
B.10. Office of Advancement / Development Office
B.11. Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment
B.12. Communications & Public Affairs
B.13. Committees with Unknown Office of Origin

C.1. General Programs in Arts and Science
C.2. Extension Program
C.3. Department of Anthropology
C.4. Department of Arts, Culture & Media
C.5. Department of Biological Sciences
C.6. Department of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

C.7. Department of Critical Development Studies
C.8. Department of English
C.9. Department of French and Linguistics
C.10. Department of Historical and Cultural Studies
C.11. Department of Human Geography
C.12. Department of Management
C.13. Department of Philosophy
C.14. Department of Physical and Environmental Science
C.15. Department of Political Science
C.16. Department of Psychology
C.17. Department of Sociology
C.18. Department of Physical Education

D.1. Library
D.2. Scarborough-Erindale Technical Service
D.3. Gallery
D.4. Athletics and Recreation Services
D.5. Physical Plant Services
D.6. Student Services
D.7. Student Organizations
D.8. Alumni Services
D.9. Alumni Organizations
D.10. Faculty and Staff Services
D.11. Faculty and Staff Organizations

E.1. History of Scarborough College (various sources)
E.2. University of Toronto – St George and Mississauga campuses
E.3. Centennial College
E.4. Durham College
E.5. Scarborough Regional School of Nursing
E.6. University of the West Indies
E.7. Trent University
E.8. City of Scarborough
E.9. Clippings and Scrapbooks

F.1. Photographs
F.2. Microforms

University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.

UTSC Photographic Services fonds

  • UTSC 001
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1960]-2010

The UTSC Photographic Services fonds covers the years of approximately 1964 and 1966 to 2008. The collection represents an invaluable visual history of the University of Toronto Scarborough campus and is made up almost entirely of photographic materials – negatives, contact sheets, slides, and prints.

Photographs in the collection from the 1970s to 1994 are attributed to David Harford and photographs from 1994 onward are attributed to Ken Jones. Photographs cover a broad range of subjects, such as the buildings and grounds of UTSC, campus events, faculty, staff, students, and much more.

Material is arranged into the following series:
• Series A: Slides
• Series B: Negatives and Contact Sheets
• Series C: Photographic Prints

Subject terms include:
Academic Resource Centre
Aerial photographs
African Studies program
Alumni and alumnae
Alumni Association
Andrews, John, 1933-
Applied Microbiology program
Architectural models and drawings
Architecture and recreation
Art History program
Arts and Administration Building
Arts and crafts movement
Arts Management program
Athletics and recreation
Award ceremonies
Baird/Sampson Associates, Architects
Ball, John L.
Band (Instrumental group)
Biodiversity, Ecology & Evolution program
Biology program
Birgeneau, Robert
Bissell, Claude Thomas, 1916-2000
Bladen Library
Bladen Wing
Bladen, Vincent Wheeler
Building damage
Business Administration program
Campbell, D. R. (Ralph)
Canadian 20th century Catalogs
Cellular and Molecular Biology program
Centre for French and Linguistics
Ceremonies and celebrations
Certificate in Business program
Chemistry program
Choir (Musical group)
City Studies
Classical Studies program
Co-Op Management program
Computer Science program
Computers and technology
Concrete construction
Conferences and symposia
Contemporary architecture
Department of Arts, Culture and Media
Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Computer and Mathematics
Department of English
Department of Historical and Cultural Studies
Department of Management
Department of Philosophy
Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences
Department of Psychology
Department of Social Sciences
Diamond and Schmitt Architects
Diaspora & Transnationalism Studies
Diefenbaker, John G., 1895-1979
Doris McCarthy Gallery
Economics program
Educational television
English program
Environmental Science program
Events - Performances
F.B. Watts Memorial Lecture
Foley, Joan
French program
Glass construction
Global Asia Studies program
Governing Council
Governing Council
Greene, Edward Brodhead, 1855-1950
Ground breaking ceremonies
Health Studies
Highland Creek Valley (Ont.)
History program
Humanities Wing
Instructional Centre
Integrative Biology program
International Development Studies
International Studies
Journalism program
Kung, Hans, 1928-
Kuwabara, Payne, McKenna, Blumberg Architects
Languages program
Laurence, Margaret, 1926-1987
Lewis, Stephen, 1937-
Library architecture
Library buildings
Lieutenant Governors--Ontario Linguistics program
Literature and film studies program
MacKay-Lyons, Brian
MacKenzie, Lewis, 1940- Management Wing
Mathematics program
McCarthy, Doris, 1910-2010
Media Studies program
Meeting Place
Mental Health Studies program
Miller-Lash House
Mirvish, Ed, 1914-2007
Montgomery Sisam Architects Moriyama & Teshima
Music & Culture program
New Media Studies program
Old Biology Building
Onley, David C.
Open house
Opening ceremonies
Paramedicine program
Pearson, Lester B., 1897-1972
Phase 2
Philosophy program
Physics and Astrophysics program Plumptre, A. F. W. (Arthur FitzWalter Wynne), 1907-1977
Pritchard, Robert
Psychology program
Public Policy
Recreation Wing
Religion program
Residential architecture
Scarborough (Ont.)
Scarborough College
Scarborough College Council
Scarborough College Student Council
Scarborough College. Gallery Science Wing
Social Sciences Building Sociology
Stantec Consulting
Statistics program
Student Centre
Student government
Student groups
Student residences
Student unions
Students and libraries
Students and teachers
Students--Athletics and recreation Students--Drama
Students--Literary collections Students--Music
Students--Political activity Students--Scholarships, fellowships, etc. Students, Graduate
Students, part time
Studio program
Sustainable architecture
Suzuki, David, 1936-
Television studio
Temporary buildings
Theatre & Performance Studies program
Thompson, R. Paul, 1947-
Toronto Transit Commission Transportation
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott, 1919-2000
University Buildings
University of Toronto at Scarborough. Gallery
University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.
Women's and Gender Studies program UTSC Library
Vernacular architecture
Women's and Gender Studies program

University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus. Photographic Services.

colleagues + friends

File consits of digital correspondence with colleagues and friends including:

  • Abe Rotstein
  • Adriana Gonzales
  • Alberto Gago + Susana
  • Alejandro Alvarez
  • André Dufour
  • Anja Jeschke
  • Anna & Toni Luengo
  • Annette Hester
  • Antonio Torrez Ruiz
  • Armine Jalnizjahn
  • Bhabani Sen Gupta
  • Blanca Martinez Lopez
  • Bob Matthews
  • Brian Mabee
  • Bruce Kidd
  • Christine Farquharson
  • Clara Salazar
  • Daniel Drache
  • David Schneideman
  • David Trick
  • David Wolfe
  • Debora VanNijnatten
  • Duncan Cameron
  • Earl Thames
  • Edgar Grande
  • Ekke & Ute Lausch
  • Harald Bathelt
  • Harry Arthurs
  • Howard Adelman
  • Isabel Studer
  • Isidro Morales
  • Janet Conway
  • Jean Marie Gaul
  • John English
  • John Meisel
  • Jose Sulaiman
  • José Pepe Nun
  • Joy Kogawa
  • Jürgen Rüland + Astrid C.
  • Karim Benyekhlef
  • Larry Herman
  • Laura MacDonald
  • Les McDonald
  • Lilian de Alurralde
  • Lorenzo Vignal
  • Lou Pauly
  • Manfred Hug
  • Maria Banda
  • Marjorie Griffin Cohen
  • Mary Janigan + Tom Kierans
  • Matto & Leah Mildenberger
  • Mel Watkins
  • Michel Prada
  • Peter Warrian
  • Pia Kleber
  • Rajani Desai
  • Robert Pastor
  • Ross Heward
  • Steffen Hindelang
  • Stepan Wood
  • Teresina Gutierrez-Haces
  • Tim Reid
  • Toby Zanin
  • Ute Scharfenberg
  • Vivek Krishnamurthi

Addresses [digital files]

Folder titles:

  • CanadianHistoryWarstalks
  • CDA Oct 2013
  • Dalhousie2016
  • Dandy
  • EdinburghNov2013
  • Flavelle
  • Fulton
  • GoodmanLecsTMMM
  • History Wars
  • InsullinScotland2013
  • Joslin Images
  • Lilly 2014ff
  • Lilly2014-6
  • McMasterInsulin2015
  • NovoNordiskVienna
  • Otnorot2012
  • Power Point Cushing
  • PPGoodmanLecs
  • PPInsulin
  • PPMisc
  • PPOslertoCushing
  • SanofiInsulin
  • speecheventsold
  • Talks, Presentations, misc
  • TruthPortHope2013
  • Urologists2014

Manuscripts and Publications [digital files]

Folder titles:

  • CanExperienceGranat
  • CanHistProject
  • Clowesproject
  • DictionaryofCanadianBiography
  • Healthcarewriting etc
  • Ideas, commonplace journalism09ff
  • Journalism - Articles
  • Lucy Palmer
  • LucyMaudMontgomery
  • OC BOOk
  • Plays
  • UCP contracts

Publishing projects

This series includes records created and collected while editing and/or writing literary works. Files contain correspondence with publishers and often with the authors of the original work. There is also correspondence relating to primary sources and with other academics or people familiar with the work being edited as well as with contributors. Files also contain research notes, bibliographies, reviews, publishing contracts and draft manuscripts.

Of particular note is correspondence with poet James Reaney along with his originally designed Christmas cards from him and his wife Colleen Thibaudeau. Early correspondence relates to his book Poems edited by Germaine Warkentin in 1972 but continues well into the 1990s and is often of a personal nature. Photographs of James Reaney at John Warkentin’s retirement party can be found in B2002-0006/001P (01).

In 1976 Uof T Press reprinted The White Savannahs by W.E. Collin as part of the series Literature in Canada: Poetry and Prose in Reprint. Warkentin wrote the introduction and in doing so corresponded with Collin as well as with poets Al Purdy, Leo Kennedy, A.J.M Smith, Frank Scott and Dorothy Livesay.

In 2001 Warkentin’s edited work Decentring the Renaissance: Canada and Europe in multidisciplinary perspective, 1500-1700 was published. This book was based on papers presented at a conference in 1976, organized by Warkentin and sponsored by the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at Victoria College. Records in this series document the conference along with the subsequent publication and include files on funding, correspondence with contributors, readers and the publisher.

Warkentin was also involved in the publishing project, The History of the Book in Canada. Included is correspondence, reports, drafts and planning documents.

Research and publications

The first section of this series documents some of Professor Friedland’s activities regarding books and articles published before 2003, with updated files carried forward to 2013. While more extensive files pre-2003 writings are found in Series 5 of accession B2002-0023, the articles are found only in the accessions documented in this finding aid, B2003-0008 and B2014-0029.

The remainder of the series concentrates on several projects and their spin-off articles: Professor Friedland’s Detention Before Trial (1965), a study of the bail system; A Place Apart: Judicial Independence and Accountability in Canada (1995); ‘Access to the Law’ project, a major internet attempt to make law more accessible; the first and second editions (2003 and 2013) of his University of Toronto: A History; several articles published in Criminal Law Quarterly including ‘Criminal Justice in Canada Revisited’ (2004), ‘Searching for the Truth in the Criminal Justice System’ (2014), ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Does It Apply to Finding the Law’ (2015), and ‘Reflections on Criminal Justice Reform in Canada’ (2017); his memoirs, My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures (2007); his introductions to University of Toronto: The Campus Guide: An Architectural Tour (2010) and the 2014 republication of W. P. M. Kennedy’s The Constitution of Canada; and his Searching for W. P. M. Kennedy: the Biography of an Enigma (2020).

The ‘Access to the Law’ project, a follow-up on his 1975 book with the same title, did not go forward. The files document Professor Friedland’s efforts to realize the project, including lining up support, looking for a field for ideas on implementation, and his failure to convince the Mike Harris government to support it financially. Also included is a digital copy of the internet project.

The files on The University of Toronto: A History, written for the University’s 175th anniversary, complement those found in B2002-0022 relating to the first edition. They document not the writing of the book itself, but its launch and promotion, especially through Professor Friedland’s talks to University alumni groups across Canada and in selected cities in the United States, at conferences, and also through an exhibition in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. Also documented are individual readers’ comments on the book, including references to errors and suggestions for inclusions in any future editions. The correspondence, notes, memoranda, programmes, slides and photographs detail the issues that arose and how they were resolved. Some of Professor Friedland’s talks relating to this project are found in Series 8: Addresses.

The second edition (2013) incorporated a new introduction and corrections. Notes for and drafts of it are present here, along with promotional material, reviews, and an interview with Steve Paikin of TV Ontario. The correspondence with individuals to whom Professor Friedland sent drafts for feedback includes incisive comments and new material provided by many of them. Professor Friedland detailed his conversations with, in particular, senior administrators: Donald Ainslie, Christina Amon, Meric Gertler, Paul Gooch, George Luste, Scott Maybury, Cheryl Misak, Mayo Moran, David Naylor, Julia O’Sullivan, Robert Prichard, Deep Siani, Shaun Shepherd, Elizabeth Sisam, Franco Vaccarino, Catherine Whiteside, and Paul Young. He also created additional files on many of the academic and administrative divisions in the University; these parallel those found in accession B1998-0022 relating to the writing of The University of Toronto: A History.

The research, writing, and publication of Professor Friedland’s memoirs is documented in detail, including the hiring of research assistants and the reports they presented, the numerous drafts of the volume, and the negotiations with University of Toronto Press and the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History over its publication, distribution, and promotion. At the same time as he was starting work on his memoirs, Professor Friedland was asked to give the John Edwards Memorial Lecture for 2003, which was presented as ‘Criminal justice in Canada revisited’ and published under the same title. Most of the files relating to this project are in Series 8: Addresses, but those relating to its publication in the Criminal Law Quarterly are in this series. The publication was a somewhat revised version of a 15,000 word paper he prepared for the Lecture but not delivered.

The files on Professor Friedland’s introduction to the 2014 republication of W. P. M. Kennedy’s The Constitution of Canada by Oxford Press documents each stage of the project from its inception when Oxford Press reached out to Friedland to its publication and beyond including drafts, correspondence related to feedback before and after publication, and listings and reviews of the final product. After the publication of the introduction, Professor Friedland continued on to give several talks and write an extended biography on W. P. M. Kennedy.

The files related to Professor Friedland’s biography, Searching for W.P.M. Kennedy: The Biography of an Enigma (2020) primarily document the research, writing, and publication of his book through research notes; correspondence with research assistants, archivists, colleagues, and the U of T Press; funding applications; and drafts.

In addition to a number of files on articles, derived from the above projects, are other files dealing with various aspects of criminal law in Canada.

Research and Writings

This series documents Dr. Moldofsky’s research activities and writings, except for the Microgravity, Sleep and Immune Functions in Humans (SWIF) project which is documented in Series 3. Includes draft research papers, lecture slides, conference presentations, and reports. Topics covered include sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. Also included are digital files (originally on a CD) related to his more recent research on Disordered Sleep Physiology, Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain, Fatigue and Psychological Disturbances in Canadian Military Personnel with and without PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress disorder).

Finally, the series includes the first working model of a sleep apnea machine (ca. 1983), which was put together by Moldofsky and staff in his Sleep Lab, based on the ideas and research of Dr. Colin Sullivan of Australia, who had previously been Dr. Moldofsky’s student as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

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